You Are Ugly SO There is No Hope For You????

She states: Men love fantasy and illusion.

Look at your sports, strippers, video games.

They fantasy bombshell type women If a man can’t get past how you look,

you’re going to have the least.

Men are visual and that will not change any time soon.



My Response:

Fantasy is make believe.

So is seduction.

So natural attractiveness is really only held by the fortunate few,

for most women need the crutch of cosmetics and reinforced underwear create visual appeal.

If a woman is dispossessed of natural beauty by God’s design,

her survival and ability present value will have come from seduction

tactics that go beyond the beauty that she does not have.

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Men may be visual creatures, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be exploited,

sifted through for hidden weaknesses, vices,

and shameful perversions that they hide underneath their bravado.

Any woman can “wear the robe”,

she just has to get over HER guilt and shame and anxiety so

she can release society’s indoctrination made to pigeon hold her into emotional slavery.
Women fear men.

And as long as you fear them, you will be played

with and discarded no matter what you look like…

You want to know the real?

No woman who has to wear makeup, a girdle, a bra, a weave, hair dye, hair relaxers or high heels has the right to tell ANY other woman that she is hopeless and should settle for less.

You are building yourself up. Creating the illusion that you are better than what you naturally are, and you spend your time telling other women that they can’t have what you have? Girl Bye!

This is why The Ugly Girls Club is necessary now more than ever. We have to free ourselves from the perception that inclusion or acceptance from anybody holds value. BECAUSE IT DOES NOT!

Women enjoy rating, classing and casting other women BECAUSE OF FEAR!

They fear that another woman will take what they are fighting for.


Carry On


“Ugly Girl Ambassador”
Founder of “The Ugly Girl’s Club”
~Salkis Re

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