You Are One of A kind

You really are one of a kind. But is it hard to asses the value of your worth

without comparing it to something or should I say someone else. But this leads to anguish as

African American Art
“Waiting On Your Love Baby” Painted by Salkis Re

your mind can only cop an ease from self ridicule when in the company of less physically blessed beauties.

The constant internal conversation about who you can look better than,

or who you can out charm plagues the mind endlessly. But you do not have to do this you see.

You do not have to torment yourself with the pain of comparisons when you are on of a kind.

Who else is like you in this world?


Where is she?

Where are the shoes that she borrowed from your closet that has helped her walk your exact same road?

She is nowhere to be found. There is only one you, so cherish YOU.

What will you do with all this loveliness that makes you the person that you are today?

Will this be another day that you wished to be born as someone else?

Well, that’s not gonna happen, you can bargain with the devil and even he can’t grant that request.

This is it darling.

Like my boy Michael Jackson says: This is it!

Can you do be a little favor? Can you use today to be a little more of your self?

Just a little, not a lot. A small gesture of self love here or there will do. Maybe bake that cake you think you’re to fluffy to eat.

Maybe wear that color  you avoid cause it attracts more attention than you “think” you can handle.

Maybe write a song, or sing a song and post it to You Tube for others to listen and enjoy.

Maybe share the things you learned in your biology class today.

Maybe go to the park and swing on the monkey bars like you did when you were 10.

Maybe have a tea party with your little girl daughter and eat grill cheese sandwiches

while you watch some of your childhood movies together.

I just want you to do something that will bring you personal joy, something that makes you smile or feel proud. Sometimes self esteem can get so low you start to shrug off almost EVERYTHING we want into the triviality pile because you don’t feel special enough to have them.

None of that is true. None of it. Every dream you have is what makes you who you are, and when you don’t reach for them,

that is when you start to feel like your nothing. You feel like nothing because you are missing a part of you: your joy.


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