Why You Get Rejected by Black Men

Y’all stay frakking men who don’t like you.
You pose in clothes that are ill-fitted
and position your backside for advertisement purposes.
You think the wigs make you look pretty.
 You think your salary makes even sexier than the girl in the dirty apron scrambling eggs at the Waffle House.
You think because your complexion isnt “extreme”
that you’re right in the center where the pick of men are abundant.
Now that you’ve lurked around in a few private groups to learn to seduce men,
you think you’re smarter, less emotionally invested in pleasing men, and your assumptions
is that you are now equipped with the tools to be a “Conscientious Whore”. 

MEN WIll Destroy YOU!!

Never again will you be a victim of your emotions;
that’s what you tell yourself when the negative voices creep in…
You feel authoritative when you are desired by men,
and very weak and worthless when you are not…
You blame men for destroying your sense of self worth.
You even even blame HIM for the necessity to wear the wigs
and makeup because on your mind, you are utterly invisible without it.

The Power of Beauty IS Limited

And it’s TRUE.
Glamorousity brings devils and Gods to the yard….
But you are still a slave though, a slave with what feels like an
advantage right up until he starts rolling your panties on the floor.
See, you’re not as tough when you’re naked,
not as privileged,
not high class,
not exceptional,
not smart, not anything but quivering flesh that languishes over
the possibility of your power being reduced to dirt.

Perfection is a thing nobody has.

And black girls like me must come to some
conclusions about the power of beauty,
for even women that have it are deathly afraid to lose it,
deathly uneasy about being flanked by a more beautiful woman.
It’s a stressful existence devoid of relaxation or any measure of contentment.
Lol, but Salkis,  I want it anyway, I want beautiful women’s
problems is what you are saying underneath your breath…
And to that I would say: you already have them…Wink!


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