Why You Can’t Get a Man: And It’s Not Because of How You Look!

You don’t have love and you think it’s because you are an unattractive black woman with a:

dark skin,

big nose,



no curves etc…
It’s not because of ANY of those reasons!!

People you who are apart of this society will come to you with their “programmed” perceptions of your worth.

So WHAT!!!

Who can use you without your participation?
Who can lie to without your belief in them?
Who can string you along without your patience?

black women dating issues

You don’t get what you want because you let “them” beat the PASSION out of you!
You don’t get what you want because you are “The Walking Dead”.
An Inanimate mass of flesh waiting for “them” to “Turn You On”!

This why YOU don’t have what you want.
Being “Nice” or “Good” doesn’t translate into PASSION.
And you have to ask yourself this: What am I willing to lose to show who I truly am?

Can you bear the criticism?
Can you stomach looking like you are crazy?
Can you come to terms with your unconventional looks and the skin suit you wear?

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If you are unattractive AND boring, there is no hope for you. Just jump off the next bridge to put yourself out of your own misery!

But if you don’t want to end it all: THEN RISK IT ALL.
Put yourself on blast!
Speak what’s on your mind!
Do what your God has assigned for you.
And let the chips fall where they got damn may!!
“Ugly Girl Ambassador”
Founder of “The Ugly Girl’s Club”
~Salkis Re

Beautiful Black Women in relationships

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