Why Evil is Stronger Than Good

Black Girl Magic!
Abstract African Art
“Alika” Original Art by Salkis RE

My latest art piece is complete. I’m on a path of renewed purpose.

Been in deep contemplation about fear and how internal dialog can hold us back.

I have made my focus one of always sharing what’s in my heart at whatever costs that might incur.
And we all must come to the conclusion of what we deny,

what we regret and the mistakes that we’ve made so that we can start enjoying results intended for.

If you do not love what you are, who you are, then your focus should be on giving yourself reasons to do so.

Self esteem is a decision, and self love is as well.
Decisions backed up my habitual actions and independent thought.
It’s not something a lover can give you.
It’s not something a mother can give you.
Because your mind does the programming. Your mind overrides the sentiments of other people.


And nothing you think about yourself will stick unless its backed by HEAT.

What do I mean by heat?
When you are angry, you are hot! Your heart beats fast and your body literally raises in temperature.

Your words are like venom and you talk with your arms and legs flailing. .

Every part of you is engaged when you are angry because the emotion of anger is AUTHENTIC, unscripted, with a PASSIONATE uncontrollable drive to cause or relieve stress.
And so it must be with love of self.


You whisper “I love Myself” because you’re ashamed of anyone hearing you.

You are fearful of being percieved as emotionally unstable.

You are more concerned with how you look to others than the providing the reinforcement you need for yourself.

And this is why EVIL prevails.

Negativity is PASSION. And in your angered state,

you dont care what people think of you.
Now REVERSE this and make having SELF LOVE your passion.

“Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
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