Why Black Men and Women Don’t Love Each Other AnyMore..

I’m a promoter of black love here.
Because I understand racism and the wedge it’s caused between black men and women.

Black Women Are Better Than Black Men

I understand that black women are outpacing black men on the job market and in higher education. And I understand that black men are resentful of the job opportunities being given to black women over them.

I understand that it may *seem* like black women are smarter than black men, when actuality, black women are more compliant

African Americans

than black men and this is why doors open to women more than men IN GENERAL across all races too.

Black Buck Dancing Men

We have a situation where black women have bought into lies about her being better than black men and black men reduced to dik size and sexual prowess to communicate his worth.

He’s the unfortunate victim and now perpetuates modern day Buck Dancing while reduced to bartering dik pics to verify size in order to qualify for an opportunity to have sex because he has no money, no status, no institutional education etc..

Black Women Are Unreasonable?

How is he able to actualize his full potential in a world where his right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness cannot be realized outside of a womans crotch?

Justified, yes! Justifiable, no!

Because you are just as responsible for self actualization as the black women you accuse of being attitude poor and delusionally unrealistic.

Darkskin women

Standards of Beauty

Hot Girl Summers Are The Problem Too

Black women have been propagandize to want white women’s aesthetics, Hot Girl Summers and “I Don’t Need No Man” and black men have been propagandized into believing that the size and efficient use of their penis is the only way to make themselves and women happy.

Love is simple though.
It’s simple when two people respect themselves first.

When they feel free to be the best that they can be without stress of measuring ourselves against losing odds or being coaxed into wanting to be what we are not biologically designed to be..

Everybody can’t be saved

Everybody can’t be saved, however. But if your personal moral compass is quietly gnawing at you to shift your perspective back to the truth, then you better pivot and pick up the pieces of your sanity and put it back together like Humpty Dumpty.

Black Love
Black Love

Both black men and women need to reestablish who their enemies are and it’s not each other.

Our enemies hide within our choices to mitigate emotional losses in relationships, in how we manage financial racism, in the lack of quality education/skill, in the lack of best health practices which cause high morbidity rates, and in the lack of cultural/community accountability.

Jumping the Broom
Black Love

All of these account for is the reasons why we are entertaining conversations of hopelessness about EACH OTHER.

BLACK LOVE MUST PREVAIL or WE will become extinct…
Carry On..

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