What Makes A Queen?









Moors in Art
“To Be Content” Original Moorish Art by Salkis Re

What makes a queen a Queen? 
I’m not so sure that I know..
I’m not so sure that it’s even something worth striving for
because the conclusions I’ve come to is that:
you have be other than you want to be, 
and say other than you’d like to say ,
and do other than you’d like to do,
and associate with other than who you’d prefer to befriend.

Your autonomy is imprisioned with the “pageantry” of it all. And the courtyard never sees the price you’ve paid for appearing to be exceptional in their eyes..

A crown that’s given to you by men is a crown rented to you for as long as you can hold his attention and interest. But a crown you place on your own head, well that’s a crown that you’ve earned through living your life, and experiences cannot bartered away;You EARNED those outright.

So Are you a Queen? If you crown yourself, then you absolutely are!
“Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
Painting: “The Crown”


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