What is Real Self Esteem!

African American art
“Artist/Life Coach”
                         ~Salkis Re


Self Esteem has nothing to do with being perfect,

and Self Esteem has
nothing to do with avoiding mistakes either.

I work with women who are so afraid to make a mistake,

do concerned with “looking bad” that they thwart their own progress.

I have to talk them off the ledge of irreality so that they

can understand that perfectionism does not equate to high self esteem.

African Art of Eyes
“When We Were Kings”
                                              Art by Salkis Re

So what is Self Esteem really about?

Self Esteem has to do with having Unconditional Acceptance and worth Regardless of mistakes that you’ve done

or the imperfections you have.

Mistakes are inevitable for ALL of us because none of us have the capacity to predict the future.

The best we can ever do is assess this moment and conclude whether to  move or stand still based on an “Educated Guess”.

The lesson is that imperfection is guaranteed

So I what’s the lesson here?

African American Art


The lesson is that imperfection is guaranteed because the future is hidden,

and your self worth will rise and fall and lack any sense of stability,

if you based you worth always doing the right thing
That’s it!

So Who Am I?

“Artist/ Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
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