Wendy WIlliams Getting Her Groove Back!

Sooo somebody said that Wendy Williams os out not he dating scene since coming out a few months ago with the announcement of her split from her husband.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams with a new guy? hmm

I was reading a post on my facebook about the term “Cougar” and one of my FB friends said that she felt it wasn’t a complimentary term to be called.

Being a Cougar Means That You Are Dik Chaser With Wrinkles

Cougar means an older woman who prefers younger men. But the context of that title is relative to older women who are really washed up dik chasers looking for a last hoorah!

I tell women all the time to be careful to take your time with new relationships, especially if you are an older woman because it is assumed that you are desperate and needy and lonely and hard up for companionship and love. And it doesn’t matter how successful you are at your job, or how many degrees you have or credentials, at the end of the day, you are just a woman lookin g for love..

Dried Up Choochies Are More Compliant

But what men tend to do is indoctrinate women with an artifice conclusion that assumes that there really is no reason to “hold out” when you are a woman of a certain age because you should be more grateful that anyone would want to face your dried up choochie!

But honestly, holding out is discouraged at every stage of your life, for it is in no way exclusive to geriatric women looking for a boy toys to play with..

Too Old to Protect Your Heart?

If you are an older woman looking for love, you have to understand that the likelihood that a potential lover assumes that you are wounded and therefore extremely compliant is VERY HIGH!

So you have to ask yourself if protecting your heart, mind and body are now antiquated issues that are really irrelevant for this stage of your life…

Beautiful Black Women in relationships

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