Usher Didn’t F#^$ That Fat Girl!!



Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder

I had to address this social hierarchical system that most black women have been a victim of. The pyramid exists people, and black women are at the bottom of it. There is a look that society has been indoctrinated into thinking is the most desirable and the most viable candidate.

Even in these so-called self love movements, there are “certain types” of women who’s pictures go viral.

The same size of her nose and lips are preferred across the board.

I want you to take note of not only skin tone, not only weight, but facial characteristics that cover every ethnicity and phenotype. The nose is small, so are the lips, long hair etc.


So beauty is NOT as subjective as some people would like women who do not fit the typical standard yet are led to believe.

I did a video on this that I really would like for you to watch. I tried to keep it short but I had to get out everything I was thinking because I’m very passionate about us “plain janes” getting mentally sharp and aware about what we will come across in our society.

Watch Here

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