The Unpleasantness of being an Artist

Sooooo, I just decide that instead of venting on a piece of paper and then trashing it like I usually do, I thought it would be more exciting to burden you with my angst (snickering). I am a full time artist. I make that very clear throughout my communications in social media.
Yep! I am an artist, and here is my work. Then someone comes along and asks:”So, uh.. What do you do?” Now unless they were looking specifically for shots of my “snatch” I’m not sure how they bypassed all my progress photos, slideshows, videos of me painting to very eclectic music selections, my art gallery, and my collage of beautiful big-eyed baby girls. Yup. I’m an artist. No its not a hobby. Yes its cutesy, but its serious subject matter behind my work here!
God give me patience to deal with “suggestions” from casual admirers. “You should illustrate childrens books, you should make puzzles and shower curtains with your art, why don’t you do dolls, I see you don’t paint boys, you should paint boys, why not make the eyes more realistic so that children can see themselves in your work, why don’t you paint chubby girls, can you paint this on my clutch purse and shoes to match? (WUH,WUH,WUH,Charlie Brown’s teacher voice). And it always seems to come from people who haven’t purchased anything from me, but somehow they are a part of my “tribe” making the most demands on me.

Then the critques that are moreso an out for getting away with insulting you. I have gotten better with this one though, much better. I simply delete, block and keep it moving. I am intuitive, I also study people. Yes, I’d call myself a witch but there are too many negative connotations to that title, plus I don’t know any spells, but I am definitely accute in my perception of people. But the down side of that is that it’s very easy to become indifferent and cynical about everything. Why? Well because you know when you are being lied too most of the time.

What I do as an artist is put my thoughts and experiences about love and life on canvas and I use children as the lens to interpret that because I see that humans are more honest and open than  they will ever be when they are young. They express themselves honestly until they are taught to filter what they think and feel for “appropriateness”.
I interact with a lot of adults who claim to be honest, but they just chose an area were they can assert themselves cause the rest of there lived are in shambles..

I am an artist and it not easy exposing my feelings on cavas to be judged, classed and rated. Its uncomfortable talking to people who I know aren’t interested in my work but still want to hold my ear hostage with hollow compliments.

Now, they’re not all bad of course, I’ve cried on the phone with collectors while discussing an art piece they purchased, I have talked about growing pains and connects with clients transitioning into new scary chapters of their lives.African american art

I have conjured up happy memories for people through my brush and they show me real appreciation for that. They say “There’s just something about your paintings, I don’t know what it is, but it calls me!” (Grinning again) yeah I know.. Its that connection that I do this for. Its so exciting when people “Get It”. I’m stoked when I have a chance to explain my concept and inspiration to true fans. 

Ok I think I have let off some weight with this post hehe..

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