The Ugly Girls Club

Dark skin black women


You can pretend that you mimic people for whatever reason makes you comfortable.

Maybe you do it for the job, maybe you do it cause HE likes it,

maybe you do it to influence people and win friends…
But whatever the reason is, when you do this as an “Ugly Girl”,

you are sending a message that you are:

a subordinate,


and unworthy of what they have to offer

We don’t have any more time to entertain foolish thinking like this.

You have let go of your regret and shame for not measuring up to what THEY SAY..

They don’t dictate what you deserve in this life!!

Your entire life is being wasted in your slumber and

constant day dreaming of being other than what you are. 


People will assume to know your worth

People will assume to know your worth based on face value, they will

contemplate your level of intelligence, cleverness, self esteem and

background based on your presentation.

We cannot do anything about what they conclude us to be at face value.



BUT you have ABSOLUTE POWER in what you agree with. 

And most of you have that nasty habit of agreeing with your oppressors

whether it be racist bigots or the man your

screwing because you want to be ACCEPTED even if it kills you!

Now I don’t want you getting all emotional over the fact that I include the word UGLY here. It is not to disparage you in anyway.

But what it is also NOT is a support of any ideal that makes you feel like you have to BE anyway other way what you are.

Much pain surrounds us because of this inferiority complex that we have. And this inferiority complex has us making decisions that do NOT support our health, spirit and wealth too!


Your wealth resides in RIGHT THINKING..

I know, I know, I thought I could get around some of this too. I thought I could manage my life by breaking the rules every once in a while.

Isn’t that what we are told, that everything in moderation can sustain you with consequence??


And lies eventually catch up with all of us.


No more my dear..
Stop casting your pearls to swine
GET UP!!!!!
Self Love Coach, Salkis RE


The Ugly Girls” COMING SOON!



Black Women with Thick Locs

Why should you listen to me?

Because I’m CRAZY, a nonconfirmist, AND an introvert who had to bind her insecurities and throw that bitch in the closet so I could pound the pavement and be found by good women like you!

“Your Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re

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