5 Emotional Issues that Happen When Fall in Love

Self esteem coach Salkis Re

I’m sitting here at my desk trying to arrange

my thoughts into something you

can take and apply to your life today.

Of course its about love.

It’s always going to be about love.

Because this thing called “falling in love”

does something adverse to our minds.

Pathologies are created because of this “feeling”,

and if you take inventory of your emotional state

when you are “in love” you will see that you mistake

“fear and anxiety” for LOVE.



Those “butterflies” in your stomach,

Those “butterflies” in your stomach, your restlessness

and inability to focus on anything else but him and his dik.
This is emotional instability forming,

but these women out here won’t tell you that.

You become emotionally unstable and exhibit signs of addiction,

insanity and codependency when you fall in love.


1-makes you neurotic,




5-and possessive

The “I can’t live without him” makes you neurotic,

suspicious, anxious, needy,

as you throw healthy boundaries and your

standards out the window.
I read most of your posts quietly.

I watch how you take trips you cannot afford to

“escape” yourselves or “find” happiness.

I watch some of you brag about how gangsta

you are and you don’t take no shit of men,

but every two seconds strike a pose in tight

clothes to get the attention

and validation of these same men you claim

to have sexual control over.

👉We are scammers.. Yeah… We are..
I include myself and can admit mistakes too,

after all, a healer usually has something

to heal before stepping out to heal others.

Painful truths here,

Painful truths here, some of you will say that, but I prefer to call this a sound bite or an excerpt from the “GODDESS compendium”, a manual for emotional control.
Have a look at your free spirited girlfriend and really observe their temperament.

Is she ever relaxed?

Does she talk fast?

Does she need to be chewing something in her mouth constantly.

Does she ever express satisfaction in anything or anyone?
The answer: NO!

She’s constantly spinning.

Looking for the next hit, the next drink,

the next dik to make her feel less invisible…

And so you have it, your “food” for the day.

This not something I wanted to say,

it is something I HAD to say, for I am on assignment.

My goal isn’t to make you feel good,

there’s enough distractions out here to serve that purpose.

My goal is to shake the shit out of you,

to help you wake up from your coma

so that you are never a doormat for any man ever again...
Carry On…

Black Women with Thick Locs

“Medicine Woman”




~Salkis Re

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