The Best Way To GetWhat You Want!

Every woman should think of the “Bigger Picture”.

Never make decisions based on the moment…..

Always think of your future when you are trying to decide what to do.

You will change.

You will age.

You will be less in demand sexually later than you are now.

SO you must plan.

Do what is best for your future.

This means that you will have to withhold your pleasure.

This means that you are not a slut for instant gratification.

abstract portrait painting
Art by Salkis Re

This means that you know that anything quick diminishes in value quick as well.

So Plan.

Eat your veggies with a plan.

Have sex with a plan.

Have a baby with a plan.

Get married with a plan.

Work to finance your future plans..

Why Should You Heed My Advice?

Because I’m CRAZY, a nonconformist,

AND an introvert who had to bind her insecurities

and throw that bitch in the closet so

I could pound the pavement and be found by good women like you!

“Your Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re

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