Taking Back Control of Your Mind

It’s a harsh but liberating reality when you’ve reached the conclusion that everything in this society is based on a lie..

It should relieve you actually.

The lie, I mean.


Because you are fearful because you believe the marketing campaigns and the propaganda of narcissists and psychopaths and the machine called “Our Society”  when their ONE GOAL is to convince you that you aren’t good enough.

People spend a lot of money to manufacture your low self esteem.

A lot of what appears to be God’s Chosen are afforded to opportunity to find out the best ways in which to control your  behavior, your thoughts, your creativity, your income, your style, your morals etc…

African American Art
“WE Played” Original Art by Salkis Re


No stone is left unturned..

The Mark of the Beast is already on every persons head..

You thought it would be a cattle brand when its the phone in your hand, when its you job, when its the food you eat and who you marry..

You take back control by taking control of your emotions. You get a hold of your mind by examining your choices and what is inspiring you to make them.

Full examination of who and what you are..




Beautiful Black Women in relationships

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