What Self Esteem NEVER IS!!

“What They See is NOT What You Are!” Transmitted on January 23, 2019 7:43 a.m. Self esteem has NOTHING to do with how you look! You planned your look in the bathroom, You rehearsed in your head people’s reactions and responses to how you look . You’ve spent money to create an image in hopes […]

“Heal the Mind, Heal the Body!”

Me and my boyfriend, (hehe) Sebi talked for hours about healing and he told me that healing was a psychological thing, and that most of us are angry and suppressed which is why we are sick. He said that we should strive to be “child-like” which is a ‘free thinking” way to be, but that […]

“Woman to Woman” Written by Salkis Re

Older women are seen as the bitter, jealous,expired enemies of younger women. This is done deliberately to keep us out of the “catacombs” where we can,exchange secrets and confer “degrees” amongst each other. There isn’t a “new” that you’ll experience heartbreak so nothing that any woman knows could ever be “antiquated”…. The narrative of competition […]

God’s Child

“God’s Child” Written by Salkis Re Perfection is something none of us possess but we all criticize others for not being… And the more critical you are of others, the more it exposes of the secret hell you live in as you surround yourself with persistent, private condemnation. When you release your desires for perfectionism, […]

How to Heal Your Body With The Right Man!

Something that I’ve come to know in my own journey towards physical and emotional healing is that your emotions are responsible for disease. The emotional body holds the feelings in place whether it be depression, anger, fear, sorrow and it assists in creating a stable environment for those emotions to thrive and grow.   Once […]

You Want to Float in Sky

“You Can Be Anything, Now What?” Written by Salkis Re You want to learn how to levitate and walk through walls and see auras and things, but you can’t control what you put in your mouth or commit to anything practical that will assist in repairing your physical and mental state????? 🐰 Ohhh you better […]