Are You A CHEAP Date?

      I had a session with a client yesterday and she was explaining to me how the conversation went on her pseudo date for the evening. She told me that it basically tuned into a **therapy session** for him to complain about all the money he was expected to spend in **his previous […]

Butt Ugly Beauties

Awwww. Listen Linda, Listen!! I know what it feels like, what it be like to dance with self doubt. Everywhere you turn, there is another thing you NEED because somebody is saying that you have look better than what you are in order to compete with… well don’t even damn know!! SO we buy the […]

“Label Makers, Label Breakers”

Written by Salkis Re Self esteem challenges can happen in people who are attractive, in people with higher IQs, in people with money, in people who are religious etc. You’d be surprised at the type of people who really emotionally fragile out here. Don’t let appearances fool you… I remember a “Guy Friday” I had […]

Fight Elegantly!

Decisions based solely on emotion NEVER stick. You may be able to garner their pity and remorse for a little while, but eventually that person goes back to his/her old ways after their emotions have settled back down, This is why men feel sorry about about cheating when they get caught, and after the dust […]

Stop Playing Small!

Some of us are wasting away at life. The Great Pretenders I call them. You are Afraid to make a mistake, and afraid to get your heart broken again. So you wallow in denial of what you want AND deny your responsibility in the results you’ve gotten so far. Everything you could have been will […]

“Black Men DO Not Want Black Women???”

Written by Salkis Re   Begging of any kind immediately puts you in a subordinate position. Stop harassing these black women that you “think” do not what to date you. It doesn’t make a difference and NEWS FLASH, you can’t SHAME men not changing their minds about where they want to insert their penises. It […]

Are You A PlaceHolder???

“Place Holders” Written by Salkis Re   You think you fucked the shit outta him, yet he left you. You think you are a dime piece, yet he left you. You think you are the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with, yet he left you. You think you are smarter than him, yet he […]

Being a Witch Over Your Life!

So today lets talk about you. Why are you so afraid of people? Why do you care more about what they think about you, than what you think about yourself? Doesn’t make sense right? But you do it! You will spend the majority of your life doing it until you become old and with grouchy […]

“Sexual Abuse Happens to Every Woman”

All women I have had the pleasure of talking to, coaching with, friendships and associates have a sexual abuse story from their past: ALL OF THEM! It was an uncle here, a stepfather there, an older cousin here, a brother there, a boyfriend over here, and a husband after that, and so on and so […]

“How Do You Get a Man to Love You? “

  Well there are a few hard truths to swallow before you can position yourself for that possibility. Some things that you will have to do are: 🌼1)Bite your tongue. 🌼2)Swallow your pride. 🌼3) Be charming. 🌼4)Play dumb. 🌼5)Act helpless. 🌼6) Stay away from intoxicants. 🌼7) Have excellent hygiene. 🌼8) Dress to compliment your form, […]