Should We Stop Wearing Weaves?

“Everybody Wants to Look Better Than They Actually Are” January 24, 2019 8:04 a.m. Women wear WIGS to be more attractive, and Men wear 👉WOMEN to be more attractive.. Everbody trying to look better than they actually are out here.. Shaming You is a Subjugation Tactic I’ll tell you why Shaming women is so effective, […]

Fight Elegantly!

Decisions based solely on emotion NEVER stick. You may be able to garner their pity and remorse for a little while, but eventually that person goes back to his/her old ways after their emotions have settled back down, This is why men feel sorry about about cheating when they get caught, and after the dust […]

Are You A PlaceHolder???

“Place Holders” Written by Salkis Re   You think you fucked the shit outta him, yet he left you. You think you are a dime piece, yet he left you. You think you are the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with, yet he left you. You think you are smarter than him, yet he […]

Sex Should Frighten you!

“Sex and Women” Written by Salkis Re Listen to me my little flowers. Women stay sweet the less men are inside of them. This something not promoted because it doesn’t exploit our emotions and if our emotions aren’t exploited, no one makes money. Sex is a death ritual. Sex is a  “giving up” of your […]

“Virtuous Women Get No Love”

    There are many women that have morals and values, who are ready and willing to be the subordinate for a strong man, but often times, she does not come packaged in vanity. The virtuous woman often times will come in a thrifty, plain looking package, not the TROPHY woman men are often in […]

Why is Everybody Single??

MOST men, no matter what age they are, want “physically” young looking women and he would be a jackpot winner if he gets a woman who is young with her own money. Lllllllmmao! But the issue with that is that if she is young and attractive and has her own coins, she can hold out […]

Justification of Bullshit!!

Listen, anything and Everything can be justified. It doesn’t take much to justify why you did something or why you’ve allowed it be done to you. All that’s required is some intense emotion like anger or fear, and you can carefully craft a whole imaginary story around it. We are “Imaginators” like Walt Disney called […]


    We always hear it. Control your emotions, or showing one’s (especially women) emotions is a sign of weakness. No! A sign of weakness is in being undisciplined.. Showing your emotions to a degree that is appropriate to the situation is a sign of intelligence, not weakness. Road rage makes no sense, that’s emotional. […]

Push Through!

The weekend is almost here. Another week gone with tasks incomplete and more to hope to accomplish than anything actually done. It’s easy not to try, but its cost will steal currency throughout your entire life. Not trying means that nobody gets hurt, no one suffers disappoint or the shame that comes from failing, but […]

Men Can Spot the Weakness in Women

We say men are hunters right? Ok what are the characteristics of a hunter? Isn’t Isn’t a hunter observant and watchful of what he has his eye on? Isn’t a hunter looking for the easiest prey? Can a hunter not spot frailties and weaknesses? Men are more observant than you think. And when they care […]