“Ugly Girls Need Discipline”

“Self Love Coach”, Salkis RE

How you “show up” in this world is how you will allow people to treat you.
I tell many of my sisters that displaying self pity is not way to win friends

or foster good relationships but you are so used to expressing your self deprecation,

that you have lost awareness that you are even doing it.

You sound more like a defeatist, than a woman who is ready for love.
You write these exhaustive dissertations about what you are looking

for in a man as if making known what you are wanting will

thwart off any snakes from coming to bite you.
The problem is NOT in the way you look!

The problem is that you are hollow and you lack substance because

you want to be sexy and desired instead of healthy, competent and virtuous.
The very things that will set you apart from other women, are the very

things you disregard as having no intrinsic value.
There are things you are here to do, and being a sex object is NOT one of them…
You Are You?

“Self Love Coach”
~Salkis Re
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Black Women Dating Sites

Some of you will be single and lonely forever.

You will be alone because you are not passionate

about anything but complaining that nobody wants you.

You as an “Ugly Girl” have resolved to a life of mediocrity and self pity,

and you’ve killed your dreams simply because you don’t look a certain way.

Dark skin women
Self Love Coach, Salkis Re

The Ugly Girls Club is a coalition of women who are

not cowering down because society has placed our looks in a negative category.

We are defining ourselves by how we look.

That game is a losing game for most women, and we have accepted it as such.

SO now that we’ve let that nightmare go, we’ve got all this room to learn

and grow and express how we feel about our lives and the things

we want to do or become to live our fullest lives.

Now as for these dating sites like OkCUPID, Plenty of Fish, E Harmony etc.. I want you to treat these sites like just another form of social media, because is what they are.

Don’t go thinking that you’ll win cool points for putting all your business on the street, for being transparent and term I think I hate most of all “OPEN MINDED”

You can’t vet a person effectively through a dating app or a profile.

And what you should do is just keep it light enough to spark interest and curiosity.

Yes you are going to get crazy nut jobs coming to you to solicit you for fun, and your success rate is shit on these sites.

You should assume that you’ll need to go thru 30 -50 contacts to get one that is decent enough to give a shot.

And Im going to add this as well, leave the booty pics, the cleavage pics and lease for God sake, close your mouth if you are not smiling.

You don’t want to send messages to these perverts that they can ask you for Netflix and Chill! OK!

Now back to the point of it all…..


And her goal is not too be anybody’s reject version of a Video Vixen.

She is not waiting for men to have mercy on her and that her as a charity case.

She walks with her head up and DOES EVERYTHING to nature her body,

mind and soul..

“The Ugly Girls Club” Coming Soon!
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Dark skin women beautiful

It is time to step your game up!

NOT FOR MEN!! For yourself… If I could shake the degradation out of you, I would gladly do it. But this is something you have to feel inside of you. You have to be tired of being lied to, tired of being led to create frivolous personas based on pageantry and not any real substance.

Men are craving this actually. To be turned on in an untypical way.

Everything about you should be UNTYPICAL if you are an ugly girl!

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To Know You Is To Control you!

“I Wanna Know You” Written by Salkis ReĀ 

I want to know

if YOU MEAN what you say,

if YOU ACT like you say,

if YOU DO what you say…

This is the goal of anyone who wants to get to know you.

And they will find out, just as YOU WILL for them,

that they don’t entirely mean what they say or do what they say.

We call it being cordial or having manners, or establishing rapport.

The goal in any courtship, in any “I want to get to know you”

session is to simply to establish that you are EQUALLY YOKED

The, (I’m just like you, and that’s why you should like me) thing.

It’s all a feast of selling yourself until one of you is no longer

afraid of how you are perceived by the other.

When he is no longer afraid of LOSING you, then he

will start to show you who he really is…

Carry On

Your Life Coach” ~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis Re

The Way to A Man’s Heart

“The Way To Win His Heart” 
Written by Salkis Re

Men are not happy when you give them everything they want, they are happy when you make them work for what they get. Your “habit” is to keep him excited about having you, motivated to please you, and lucky to have you. Comfort does NOT inspire excitement; it yields complacency, disregard and familiarity blindness for your presence in his life…

“Don’t Wait” Art by Salkis Re Click Here https://www.iloveherart.com/product-page/don-t-wait

Will he appreciate your unconditional love for him? 
Yesssssssssssssss( me hissing like a snake)
He will appreciate that you will stay put if he strays, that you are committed to your subordinate role and appreciative of the emotional and animate provisions he provides you with…

And those of you women who do not fall into the category of a “great beauty”, fear not! 
Your finesse ( well ALL women actually) is based on *stratagem* NOT in the way you LOOK!

Some of you are waiting for permission from men to “act worthy”. You are nothing until you are loved by a man. I suppose this has some truth to it, but your order of modus operandi , or your HABITS I should say, are displaced. 
You cannot assume your self a treasure if you wear the stench of desperation in your garments.

African Art, African American Art
African Girl in Art
Afro Hair Loc art
“I Want You” Art by Salkis Re Click Here https://www.iloveherart.com/product-page/i-want-you

You must walk untethered. Your temperament must be one of unadulterated sweetness. Your smile because you are happy, not because he has made you so.. Let him wonder how you feel about him, IF you feel anything about him..

You need not confirm or deny ANYTHING about you! Are you a mystery, or has he got you all figured out?  
yessssssssssssssss( hissing again)
Stratagem, not honesty or fairness will get you the results you require to ‘feel’ happy…

Sit back and relax…… That is the correct temperament for planning seduction…

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Carry On..
“Spiritual Healer”
~Salkis Re