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If I could shake the degradation out of you, I would gladly do it. But this is something you have to feel inside of you. You have to be tired of being lied to, tired of being led to create frivolous personas based on pageantry and not any real substance.

Nappy-Headed “Spiritual” Hoes

Life Coach, Salkis Re

“Men Who Want Natural Sisters be like”
A man who has no aspirations for “worldly” things has nothing to lose. And a man who has nothing to lose ALSO has no incentive to commit nor sacrifice for HIMSELF or YOU.

Statistically they earn less, do not get married, have no formal education, and have fatherless children. A Relationship (while on the physical plane) IS a material act.

From your first date that you dress up for, to the gas you put in your car to meet her at the “park to talk”, to the penis that goes into the vagina, to the babies that are birthed as a result of sex. All material.

Natural Hair

Only men with little ambition ride the “Spirituality” wave because they assume that “natural sistahs” only want a tub of Shea butter from the street vendor and a meat-free gravy and brown rice on a styrofoam plate to make us happy.

Meanwhile, he is out here heckling BUT secretly lusting after those “material girls” for whom his pockets aren’t deep enough to get. It’s a game to exploit your compassion and steal your “understanding” and your “agreeableness” for “duty-free”, “effortless pussy” nothing more.


When the talk of Spirituality comes up in a conversation about relationships and this conversation is directed towards any “nappy-headed sista (and I this term with endearment) I gonna need for you to understand that a net is being cast out to your vagina FREE PUSSY.

And what is the truth here?

The truth is that you are MORE SPIRITUAL WITHOUT DIK than with it so his job is to bring MATERIAL things to your feet to PAY for the “blessings” he is hoping to receive from YOUUUUU.

~Salkis Re

African American art
“Artist/Life Coach”
~Salkis Re

So Who Am I?

“Artist/ Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
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Reasons and Justifications For Bullshit!

Abstract Art by Salkis Re
Artist/Life Coach
~Salkis Re


Written by Salkis Re
Yeah we create them.
These elaborate excuses for why we can’t do this or that.
And these “thoughts” become “beliefs” as you because you start to design your entire life around them.
Sometimes, most times, you will say it’s because:
your mother was fucked up,
or you don’t have enough education,
or you’re not pretty enough,
or that you are set in your ways,
or you don’t have enough time,
or you need more training,
or you can’t find anyone to help you,
or you don’t have enough money.

But all those are is reasons, not truths.

Because you find money for the outfit, and you find the friends to wear it with, and the time to hang out with them,
and you research where to you go, and you place your time,
effort and money into what your perception says with will bring you immediate joy.

REASONS are elaborate thoughts based on fear and laziness,

Artist/Life Coach ~Salkis Re
and as you repeat them, you create the energy of justification behind them.
So here is the deal. I want you to see your reasons for NOT doing a thing as inverted ambition.
Yes. Inverted ambition.

Because you created these reasons to STOP yourself from trying or doing or being.

These are carefully crafted thoughts that you have DECIDED is your truth, and this took work to do too.
Now, what you want to do is the opposite of this in terms
of crafting reasons why you SHOULD do a thing that you have always wanted to do.
Why should you many 6 figures a year?
Why SHOULD you have an awesome relationship?
What are the reasons you can find to live the life of your dreams
“Artist/ Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
African American art
“Artist/Life Coach”
~Salkis Re

So Who Am I?

“Artist/ Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
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A lesson Learned Early, Is A Lesson That Needs No Repeating!

I had a conversation with my 10 year old about friendships and what to expect and accept in relationships. She was called “too skinny” by a “friend” and was hurt by it.

I asked her:

African American Art
“Your Life Coach” and Artist ~Salkis Re

“And this is a friend who said that?” She said yes.
“Do you ever tease her about her looks too?”
“No mommy.. (she hangs her head).
“Ok so what did you say to her when she teased you about being skinny?”
“I said no Im not!”
“That was it?” “that’s all you said to her? And what was her response?”
She said YES YOU ARE again!”
” Re-An, do you think that a true friend would make you feel bad about how you look?”
No, (she hangs her head again)
“Look at me, you are going to have to learn early to let people go. What you should have said to her was that it’s not nice to say bad things about how I look if you call me a friend,I never do that to you because I care about you, I could point out things about you but I’m your friend and I want you to be happy not sad, but if you don’t feel the same about me, then we cannot be friends anymore.”
Can you say that love? Can you say that and put all the vocabulary words you’ve learned too?”
She looked up at me and jumped into my arms to hold me tight. “Yes mommy, I can do that”
Give me a kiss! She kissed and hugged me again..

You will find in this life that you ‘friends’ people you admire and respect are the FIRST ones to implant inferiority complexes within you. IT WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE YOU CARE FOR. You must be comfortable with being alone so that you can let people go that have have to get dropped. If you are needy, you will always be IN NEED, and you will put that need in front of logic and what has shown itself as poison to your life. Get rid of people who show you no value or respect. Your self pity will not reform ANYONE!!
“Your Life Coach” ~Salkis Re

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