DO You Feel Threatened?

          Every choice has a bit of risk. Every choice as an element of suffering involved in it.. But there is a difference between THREAT and a CHALLENGE.    Having challenges is a nutritional requirement to be challenged in life. I tell all my clients/collectors that  having challenges is a nutritional […]

There’s Nothing Special About You!

      OK… When I tell women that they are not “special”, they’re offended but this is indubitably true. A woman stated to me that she was heart broken because her man left her for another white woman. “Another” meaning he was previously married to one before that wife passed away. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Well you […]

Nas Puts Kelis on Blast!

Well my play husband wrote a 7 page letter in rebuttal to his ex wife Kelis and her claimed of physical abuse during their 5 year marriage. Kelis stated in an interview that Was would imitate physical fights with her while under the influence of alcohol. She stated she new about his extra marital affairs […]


You ARE UGLY!! So I did a video on my You Tube channel called: “You Are Not Pretty Enough To Get The Man You Want?” Now I addressed some sensitive things in that video about attractiveness and how it plays a major role in the quality level of the men we get. The FACTS: All […]

Sex Should Frighten you!

“Sex and Women” Written by Salkis Re Listen to me my little flowers. Women stay sweet the less men are inside of them. This something not promoted because it doesn’t exploit our emotions and if our emotions aren’t exploited, no one makes money. Sex is a death ritual. Sex is a  “giving up” of your […]

“Virtuous Women Get No Love”

    There are many women that have morals and values, who are ready and willing to be the subordinate for a strong man, but often times, she does not come packaged in vanity. The virtuous woman often times will come in a thrifty, plain looking package, not the TROPHY woman men are often in […]

They Said You’re Ugly, And They Are Right!!!!

They Are Right About how you look! When you are told over and over again that you are unattractive, I want you to consider that “they” might have just cause for saying it.   Now before you berate me or try simulate “outrage” to go along with your other displaced emotions, I would like for […]

To Be Desired or to Be Loved?

Do you want to be loved or desired? That was a question I asked myself one day when I realized the distinction between the two. Love, as I see it, is this relaxed thing. It is comfort, reliable, easy going place you get to when you’ve been with someone for a while. Sex is more […]


    We always hear it. Control your emotions, or showing one’s (especially women) emotions is a sign of weakness. No! A sign of weakness is in being undisciplined.. Showing your emotions to a degree that is appropriate to the situation is a sign of intelligence, not weakness. Road rage makes no sense, that’s emotional. […]

How a Woman Should Love a Man

“Understanding How to Love” Written by Salkis Re Appreciation rushes into your heart only when you’re about to lose what you’ve taken for granted. And Love works the same way; you don’t love until your life is disrupted by the anguish for losing someone. Familiarity breeds contempt and disregard for that person. But if they […]