To Know You Is To Control you!

“I Wanna Know You” Written by Salkis ReĀ  I want to know if YOU MEAN what you say, if YOU ACT like you say, if YOU DO what you say… This is the goal of anyone who wants to get to know you. And they will find out, just as YOU WILL for them, that […]


  “Be An Eagle” Written by Salkis Re Your identity is yours to create, especially if no one wants to claim you. That’s the fate of copper skin tones who are born on Northern soil. Maybe you are pretending not to know, but your mirror tell NO lies. Ask your blood to whisper its secrets […]

Best Friends

    “Forever Best Friends” Written by Salkis Re True friendship is like a flower that grows at the spring of each second season. For us to share and give each other care, needs no particular reason. Her concern for you is shown when she gives you her lollipops, and you return the favor when […]

Shadow Boxing, But You Can’t Win

I don’t thinking arguing is effective to get one’s point across. Though I do get my panties in a bunch when I hear someone trying to indoctrinate me with their foolery, I have been exercising great care in responding emotionally to every shit stirrer that crosses my path. I have to say I feel more […]