Why Is It So Easy to Con Women?

Criticism leads to a need for one to defend her position. Whether it’s right or wrong is not as important as feeling demeaned by another person. This is why it’s so effective to just tell you what you want to hear. Make it sounds supportive, beef it up with praise and your “Wulls” come tumbling […]

How Not to Influence People

You Can’t Get to Freedom by thinking that Life is Journey***Only poor, undisciplined, insecure people talk that nonsense about a journey!

Love Who Loves You!

  When we women realize that love is the manipulated emotion a human being with ever have?? I am talking about romantic love… There is nothing NATURAL about it. Two people come together hiding what they are ashamed of, making promises/DEALS for what they intend to give each other IF one or the other subscribes […]

“Single Mothers are a HUGE Liability?”

  The discussion about single mothers as potential wives came up on my recent You Tube Video… My response is REALITY, not filled with idealism or optimism for that matter. My posting this dialog for YOUNG ladies who do NOT have children yet. Take Heed… Male Viewer Comment: I think love and relationships are more […]

Sex Should Frighten you!

“Sex and Women” Written by Salkis Re Listen to me my little flowers. Women stay sweet the less men are inside of them. This something not promoted because it doesn’t exploit our emotions and if our emotions aren’t exploited, no one makes money. Sex is a death ritual. Sex is a  “giving up” of your […]

To Be Like Her Means You Kill Yourself!

“What Woman Are You?” Faith in yourself is built on a foundation of work not hope or prayer or wishing. You have a mind and you know what you “should be doing”, yet you wrestle with yourself. You allow other women to rate your your level of competence and relevance on a “fact sheet” derived […]

They Said You’re Ugly, And They Are Right!!!!

They Are Right About how you look! When you are told over and over again that you are unattractive, I want you to consider that “they” might have just cause for saying it.   Now before you berate me or try simulate “outrage” to go along with your other displaced emotions, I would like for […]

Reasons and Justifications For Bullshit!

  “Reasons” Written by Salkis Re   Yeah we create them. These elaborate excuses for why we can’t do this or that. And these “thoughts” become “beliefs” as you because you start to design your entire life around them. Sometimes, most times, you will say it’s because: your mother was fucked up, or you don’t […]

“Fuel Your Pain to Fuel Your Change?”

  It takes you being smack down to within a inch of your life, cause as long as you can justify what you do or what’s been done to you, all you’re gonna do is sit right there and fucking stew in your shit and piss! You will be preoccupied developing, editing and executing your […]

Your Vagina is Tired!

    “Your Vagina is Tired” Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how many men you’ve slept with that you wish you’d never had sex with? How many of them hold regrets for you and the wish to turn back “Father Time” for a clean slate again. How many? One? Two? ALL of them […]