Why Is It So Easy to Con Women?

Criticism leads to a need for one to defend her position. Whether it’s right or wrong is not as important as feeling demeaned by another person. This is why it’s so effective to just tell you what you want to hear. Make it sounds supportive, beef it up with praise and your “Wulls” come tumbling […]

How Not to Influence People

You Can’t Get to Freedom by thinking that Life is Journey***Only poor, undisciplined, insecure people talk that nonsense about a journey!

DO You Feel Threatened?

          Every choice has a bit of risk. Every choice as an element of suffering involved in it.. But there is a difference between THREAT and a CHALLENGE.    Having challenges is a nutritional requirement to be challenged in life. I tell all my clients/collectors that  having challenges is a nutritional […]

Go to The Gym!

Self care supports your desires. Self care makes you feel good about who you are. Self care is a soup of oily habits that can also seal your fate! But I am not talking about soaking in a bubble bath or eating some calorically dense powdered donut. I am talking doing what I’m about to […]

You Are Ugly SO There is No Hope For You????

She states: Men love fantasy and illusion. Look at your sports, strippers, video games. They fantasy bombshell type women If a man can’t get past how you look, you’re going to have the least. Men are visual and that will not change any time soon.     My Response: Fantasy is make believe. So is […]

Soft Porn Everywhere!

“Soft Porn” Written by Salkis Re   Soft porn is everywhere, whispering to women subconsciously about how we should look and feel about ourselves and  women with their knees wide open, looking ready to insert things into their mouths, appearing to not have a care in the world because lustful men are sprawled helplessly around her, […]

Pretty Girls Want to Join the Ugly Girls Club

Hey  There UGLY GIRL!”Transit time 6:19 a.m. Feb.8.2019 Pull of a chair, let me have a chat with you for a moment!You wanna know what funny Ugly Girl? Now that I’m focusing all of my energy on YOU, women who are NOT Ugly, who are actually attractive, pretty, beautiful, are coming to me asking to […]

Natural Beauty Is Not In You!

Everything you feel about yourself is wrong, corrupt, self serving, addictive and dangerous. This society will not give us the balance and the peace we are looking for. And the road to wellness requires that you pull apart everything that you assume is normal in your lives. We were taught how to love each other, […]

The Ugly Girls Club!!

The narrative that you have to look a certain to be classified as a woman is agreeing with people who profit from your violation of how NATURE MADE YOU. Stop cowering down and watering down your magic!!Rise black bird, RISE!! You can pretend that you mimic people for whatever reason makes you comfortable. Maybe you […]

Making Decisions Based On What You Are Is A Mistake!!

Young Women. Let me talk to you.What our society will influence you to do is to enjoy the moment. Your friends, maybe even your well-meaning but unwise mother will push you into believing that you are to young to plan for your future today. Focus on your Career (when what you really have is a […]