Fight Elegantly!

Decisions based solely on emotion NEVER stick. You may be able to garner their pity and remorse for a little while, but eventually that person goes back to his/her old ways after their emotions have settled back down, This is why men feel sorry about about cheating when they get caught, and after the dust […]

Sex Should Frighten you!

“Sex and Women” Written by Salkis Re Listen to me my little flowers. Women stay sweet the less men are inside of them. This something not promoted because it doesn’t exploit our emotions and if our emotions aren’t exploited, no one makes money. Sex is a death ritual. Sex is a  “giving up” of your […]

They Said You’re Ugly, And They Are Right!!!!

They Are Right About how you look! When you are told over and over again that you are unattractive, I want you to consider that “they” might have just cause for saying it.   Now before you berate me or try simulate “outrage” to go along with your other displaced emotions, I would like for […]

A Queen’s Way

    “A Queen’s Way” Written by Salkis Re When they tell you that you can’t, don’t believe it. You must stretch past their doubts so you can see it. And know that how people feel is not your fault, so don’t spend time worrying about what they have thought. You must learn that your […]

This is Your Dream Killer

    “The Dream Killer Is..” Taking control of a thing is not a passive protocol. Some of you are “waiting” for something to fall out the sky, for the great Conjunction, a shooting star, waiting on Jesus, or the Pleadians to come for you, or some shamanic rites of passage to give you ceremony […]

Black Girl Blues: I Tried to Straighten My Nose With a Cloths Pin

“Clothes Pins on My Nose” I remember when I would put clothes pin on my nose to try to make my nose less ‘African’. I’d steal one from the clothes line and after I said my prayers, I’d put it on my nose to try to sleep with it on through the night. Almost made […]

How Tell If Someone is Lying!

  Sooo, I decided to make a video today about communication. Why? Because we are asking a million questions but still ain’t gettin the right answers. There’s a way to get to the truth because truth be told, everybody lies and they lie about not telling lies too. Let me put you up on game […]

The Great Pretenders

I watch people, I listen. I ponder. I wonder about ‘us’. Us women I mean. And how we are afraid of things that give us no legitimate cause to fear while other things display their harm to us repeatedly yet we stay the course, weather the storm, hope for the best, bestow optimism towards. You […]