He Doesn’t Want to F$#@ You Anymore

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When you beg for love, attention, affection or sex within a relationship, it means that the intimacy you provide no longer holds any value or meaning. If you are a woman Begging for any of those things, this means that you are leading with your vagina and have *used it to assert (total) value. But after something has been experienced, the *want for it decreases as with all things that you acquire. People grow resentful when you respond to them in spite of their unfairness because they know they haven’t earned nor do they deserve what you give. Familiarity breeds contempt is the old saying and it rings true unwaveringly.


Sex is exciting when it is wrapped around a woman who is constantly changing and growing and improving herself. When you maintain your mystery, a curiosity for life, and you should NOT be the same person you were the year before.

You must make it a point to become

  • better,,
  • smarter
  • faster,
  • efficient,
  • sleek,
  • clever,
  • charming and the like in order to hold a man’s interest captive for the duration.

Showing excessive need for attention means that you are bored with YOURSELF, and you need him to entertain and distract you from your internal dislikes. This is the reverse order, for we as women provide the “escape” and the fantasy for men. Begging is like a magician revealing the secrets behind his magic tricks: if you know how he does it, you would be as amazed by the presentation.

You think seduction is something literal and obvious when it has nothing to do with reality at all. It is the spark of one’s imagination in anticipation if what I’ve might receive.

Your man should wonder if you love him occasionally. He should always be concerned with measuring up. If you allow him to be rewarded through your initiatives towards sex, then where will the incentive to please YOU come from?

Hard questions, harsh realities, but knowledge is POWER!

The routine breeds contempt. Furthermore, you give your body over in spite unsavory conditions, lack of production, out of boredom and desperation and wonder why there’s no incentive for him to show you love.

“Mistress of Words”

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“Spiritual Advisor” ~Salkis Re

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~Salkis Re
🤗Art by Salkis Re

A lesson Learned Early, Is A Lesson That Needs No Repeating!

I had a conversation with my 10 year old about friendships and what to expect and accept in relationships. She was called “too skinny” by a “friend” and was hurt by it.

I asked her:

African American Art
“Your Life Coach” and Artist ~Salkis Re

“And this is a friend who said that?” She said yes.
“Do you ever tease her about her looks too?”
“No mommy.. (she hangs her head).
“Ok so what did you say to her when she teased you about being skinny?”
“I said no Im not!”
“That was it?” “that’s all you said to her? And what was her response?”
She said YES YOU ARE again!”
” Re-An, do you think that a true friend would make you feel bad about how you look?”
No, (she hangs her head again)
“Look at me, you are going to have to learn early to let people go. What you should have said to her was that it’s not nice to say bad things about how I look if you call me a friend,I never do that to you because I care about you, I could point out things about you but I’m your friend and I want you to be happy not sad, but if you don’t feel the same about me, then we cannot be friends anymore.”
Can you say that love? Can you say that and put all the vocabulary words you’ve learned too?”
She looked up at me and jumped into my arms to hold me tight. “Yes mommy, I can do that”
Give me a kiss! She kissed and hugged me again..

You will find in this life that you ‘friends’ people you admire and respect are the FIRST ones to implant inferiority complexes within you. IT WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE YOU CARE FOR. You must be comfortable with being alone so that you can let people go that have have to get dropped. If you are needy, you will always be IN NEED, and you will put that need in front of logic and what has shown itself as poison to your life. Get rid of people who show you no value or respect. Your self pity will not reform ANYONE!!
“Your Life Coach” ~Salkis Re

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Do I think Interracial Dating is a Bad Thing?

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New E-book Coming Soon! Painting “AM I Black Enough?”

Someone asked me about interracial dating.

I will be asking two questions:

1)do black men watch porn?

2)Do black men have a “type” of female they like?

And then more questions:

3)Do you understand that most of them watch non black women and are very excited by the pink snatch and Tu Ball Cains jumping around ?

4)Do you understand that what they watch is what turns them on?

5)How many times is it going to be someone that looks exactly like you?

6)Do you understand that having a “type” is a prejudice within itself, and that it’s a predisposition towards a particular esthetic?

7)What are you ashamed of admitting exactly?

8)And why when men have no problem objectifying and separating parts of your body into what is valuable and what is not useful?

You are attracted to what you are attracted to and that’s it. We can cradle the politics of it and the turncoat , coon labels can be rather discomforting to say the least. But you must know that what should concern you most is what happens behind the door of your own house. You are ALONE:I keep drilling this into your head because its this collective allegiance to nothingness that as many of us putting opportunity on hold or passing it up altogether.

Prejudice is everywhere. And YES, it is within the ‘black community’ of which there really isn’t a community more so than neighborhoods where we densely reside. The truth of someone’s heart, you can never really know, so why rely on what you hope is comradery when the only man you can put to task on defending you, is the one you go to bed with?! You must narrow your focus and listen to your heart and mind. You make vows to people who will not help you in times of need. You show you are ‘down’ for men who will never consider you as wife material.

Self care is the first and the most important vow you will ever make. Angry people cannot love, hateful people cannot love, racist people cannot love etc.

When you start looking at EVERYTHING for what it really is, you start to really grasp how much “performing” is going on. Some of us have allegiance to those that look at us as an “experiment” or something to do when they are bored or have a dry spell. You are ALONE.. This walk is yours. No one is coming to save you. No revolution. . Look around and you can see if u open your eyes. You are aligned with nostalgia and illusions.

Live YOUR life..
“Life Coach ” ~ Salkis Re


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Your a Mean One Ms Grinch: Cosmic love??

So, I Really, really do not believe in “cosmic love”, I hear all these wonderful, dare I say narcotic influenced definitions of love. MOSTLY FROM women who swear their lovers come to their dreams and they time travel while having sex on shooting stars… Sigh.. I love hearing the stories though. It entertains me much like a good book you read then put away until u need to be entertained again.

Are they listening to what they are saying though. Do their partners feel the same way? Is this all because the “nut” was really good? How on earth can they say that their love is unconditional? How do you decide that you want to be with this person as opposed that person without some process of logic and reason. What makes you think he is the one if there is nothing to quantify?

These are tall tales women are telling, mostly to justify mistakes or their need for indulgences. To me, these things are merely coping stories concocted to take them “off the hook” and not be responsible for the things they do with partners or lovers. All this fluff, but in the after glow, or that “pillow talk” they ask him: “Why Do You Love Me” as they gleefully wait with bated breath (you egomaniacs) for the praises of their magnificent love and vaginas.

What is wrong with setting boundaries, or having standards when it comes to love? How many heartbreaks does it take to understand that HEART AND MIND need to be present when dealing with the will power of men.

Yeah Yeah, I know… it’s deeper than physical as some of you say. But how do you maintain a relationship that is non-physical? Air kisses, mental “I love you’s” and monopoly money to pay the rent?

I can’t with all this fluff. But I do appreciate the creative ways we lie to ourselves..it makes for great poetry…

Here’s to love, by whatever means I you experience it!