He Doesn’t Want to F$#@ You Anymore

    When you beg for love, attention, affection or sex within a relationship, it means that the intimacy you provide no longer holds any value or meaning. If you are a woman Begging for any of those things, this means that you are leading with your vagina and have *used it to assert (total) […]

A lesson Learned Early, Is A Lesson That Needs No Repeating!

I had a conversation with my 10 year old about friendships and what to expect and accept in relationships. She was called “too skinny” by a “friend” and was hurt by it. I asked her: “And this is a friend who said that?” She said yes. “Do you ever tease her about her looks too?” […]

Do I think Interracial Dating is a Bad Thing?

Someone asked me about interracial dating. I will be asking two questions: 1)do black men watch porn? 2)Do black men have a “type” of female they like? And then more questions: 3)Do you understand that most of them watch non black women and are very excited by the pink snatch and Tu Ball Cains jumping […]

Your a Mean One Ms Grinch: Cosmic love??

So, I Really, really do not believe in “cosmic love”, I hear all these wonderful, dare I say narcotic influenced definitions of love. MOSTLY FROM women who swear their lovers come to their dreams and they time travel while having sex on shooting stars… Sigh.. I love hearing the stories though. It entertains me much […]