Why You Need to Be Different!

It Must be emotionally exhausting carrying around feelings of self doubt of your low self worth every day of your life right? You wake up unexcited, barely looking at yourself in the mirror and if you do, you grimmace with dissapointment at your reflection!Day in, day out, the same secret sentiments of self loathe and […]

How To Love You!

Self Love is a Relationship With Your Body Sitting at my desk with my yoga gear on, all prepped for my home yin yoga session and I’m thinking about why I am doing this. I workout, eat right and stay of  trouble because that is the way I express love for myself. I have come […]

Alone and Afraid?

Being yourself is going to hurt people. Its going to dispassion people against you. Why? Because they will not be able to control you, to manipulate you to do things that are not in line with your safety or life goals. The only reason you have friends or lovers is because they like the way […]

Nas Puts Kelis on Blast!

Well my play husband wrote a 7 page letter in rebuttal to his ex wife Kelis and her claimed of physical abuse during their 5 year marriage. Kelis stated in an interview that Was would imitate physical fights with her while under the influence of alcohol. She stated she new about his extra marital affairs […]

Fight Elegantly!

Decisions based solely on emotion NEVER stick. You may be able to garner their pity and remorse for a little while, but eventually that person goes back to his/her old ways after their emotions have settled back down, This is why men feel sorry about about cheating when they get caught, and after the dust […]

“Black Men DO Not Want Black Women???”

Written by Salkis Re   Begging of any kind immediately puts you in a subordinate position. Stop harassing these black women that you “think” do not what to date you. It doesn’t make a difference and NEWS FLASH, you can’t SHAME men not changing their minds about where they want to insert their penises. It […]

“Single Mothers are a HUGE Liability?”

  The discussion about single mothers as potential wives came up on my recent You Tube Video… My response is REALITY, not filled with idealism or optimism for that matter. My posting this dialog for YOUNG ladies who do NOT have children yet. Take Heed… Male Viewer Comment: I think love and relationships are more […]

Sex Should Frighten you!

“Sex and Women” Written by Salkis Re Listen to me my little flowers. Women stay sweet the less men are inside of them. This something not promoted because it doesn’t exploit our emotions and if our emotions aren’t exploited, no one makes money. Sex is a death ritual. Sex is a  “giving up” of your […]

How to Not Give a F&*^k

  1)Do what you fear doing, and do it often. 2) Accept people’s right to their own opinion, so that you can formulate yours without guilt. 3) Understand that trying to be Perfect for Imperfect people is a hamster wheel with no destination. Get off the wheel. 4) You are ugly to somebody. You are […]

Interracial Dating is For Desperate Lonely Black Women!

“Interracial Dating” Written by Black Hat Practictioner, Salkis Re 👉SHARE THIS POST WITH EVERY GIRLFRIEND YOU KNOW!!👈     SWIRLING, MATING AND YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE I have made videos in the past addressing the matter of black women this thing called “swirling” before. I personally feel that dating and mating is not a community […]