Love Attachments

“Holding On” Written by Salkis Re I love you so much, and this is why I keep holding onto you. We’ve been through too much, and you’ve done things I never thought you’d do. But there is not much else that can actually hurt me cause I’m not focused on your mistakes, only how I […]

Are You Ashamed About Your Desires?

So today I had this moment of euphoria. I imagined that everything I wrote on my legal pad came to pass. Ooh the sweetness that would bring to my life, and the disruption of other’s lives too. Ever feel kinda hesistant about what you want cause you know that people would be hurt if you […]


    We always hear it. Control your emotions, or showing one’s (especially women) emotions is a sign of weakness. No! A sign of weakness is in being undisciplined.. Showing your emotions to a degree that is appropriate to the situation is a sign of intelligence, not weakness. Road rage makes no sense, that’s emotional. […]

A Woman’s Place

    “A Woman’s Place” Written by Salkis Re The woman’s role is that of a *prize in her man’s life. Not equal prize nor him being more of a prize than her. This is the “natural” order of things and real men do not take issue with taking a back seat to her shine […]

Morning on Monday

“Morning on Monday” Written by Salkis Re Everybody is suppressed on some level. If you are doing anything on a regular basis that you wish you didn’t have to do I.e. *your Job, it will affect your perception of the world and question your own value. Because you have made a lifestyle out of *hiding […]

A New Day Wastes Away

  “The Power of the Sun” Written by Salkis Re You are depressed because you are preoccupied with thoughts of the past, what you used to be or what was done to you. And the new day your standing in gets no respect at all. This new day is tainted with old thoughts and the […]

How Tell If Someone is Lying!

  Sooo, I decided to make a video today about communication. Why? Because we are asking a million questions but still ain’t gettin the right answers. There’s a way to get to the truth because truth be told, everybody lies and they lie about not telling lies too. Let me put you up on game […]

You Are One of A kind

You really are one of a kind. But is it hard to asses the value of your worth without comparing it to something or should I say someone else. But this leads to anguish as your mind can only cop an ease from self ridicule when in the company of less physically blessed beauties. The […]

Guess What Ms. Re is Cookin for the New Year!!!

Aww the new year is here!! And we are alive to enjoy whoo-hoo. 2016 was a roller coaster for sure and I can’t say that im not relieved to see it go. I brought in the new year on the phone with a client of mine. She booked a session with me just to thank […]

Distraction Dingalings Are Expensive!

You must test man for mental and physical strength. You are too quick to allow entry into your mind far less your body. And it’s so easy to weed out the weak minded.¬†They are easily distracted, have no goals, very undisciplined, and emotionally fragile.   He wants what they are to stingy to pay for. […]