You Got That Hotep-itis?

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“Spiritual Advisor and Artist”: Salkis Re


“Eeeeewhew, You Got That Hotep-itis ”
Written by Salkis Re

I would like to say something about love in your image and after your likeness. Sisters are still getting baited in by this “love my black sister shyte” All a black man has to tell you is that he loves your hair and your skin tone, and 90 percent of his “show and prove” to get into your crotch is complete??
I hear that shit all the time: “I love you hair Queen” And this is what I say: Oh! Is that right!
Because it’s of no consequence me if they love it or not, but they make it a point because they feel we need validation and “upliftment” and their emotional support to feel good about ourselves.

And the trap begins…


abstract African art
“Is This What You Want?” Art by Salkis Re

Superficial matters(how things LOOK) will ALWAYS be contrary to what they really are. And you should NOT judge a book by it’s cover! Nappy hair and dark skin = low maintenance and low expectations.
You can romanticize about how these men revere you because you LOOK like you are more connected to Mother Earth, but the fact is that you are (to them) ๐Ÿค”Low Hanging Fruit my dear, and by low hanging fruit, I mean EASY pickings. You want out of the white man’s system to sleep in a tent and apples all day? That’s the dream these hoteps are selling you while they have YOU begging for TAX PAYER money from your family members and others who have jobs??

So better for you to be a naked beggar than use your ability to prosper?

And when your ambition is taken away, so is your expectations and your boundaries fall away too then BAM! All you are made for is to fuck and Suck all day all.


His NUT is coming sure and strong because you let him psycho babble you out your fucking panties.


Get over this need to direction from men who want to fuck you!! You can read just like he can, and if you don’t understand something, you don’t need to fuck him to get understanding!! Follow?

“Haul and Pull Up” like Dem Jamaicans does say!
๐ŸŒผ”Black Hat Society”

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-Salkis Re

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~Salkis Re


I am a Life Coach who happens to be an artist, who happens to be a poet, who happens to be a wordsmith and a practictioner of magic priniciples for every day living… Get off your apprehensiveness in seeking guidance and just call me. You gamble with love, money, friendships and many things that require participation and a willingness from others to cooperate with you. What I will show you doesn’t require their agreements from others. All you need is your WILL.

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A lesson Learned Early, Is A Lesson That Needs No Repeating!

I had a conversation with my 10 year old about friendships and what to expect and accept in relationships. She was called “too skinny” by a “friend” and was hurt by it.

I asked her:

African American Art
“Your Life Coach” and Artist ~Salkis Re

“And this is a friend who said that?” She said yes.
“Do you ever tease her about her looks too?”
“No mommy.. (she hangs her head).
“Ok so what did you say to her when she teased you about being skinny?”
“I said no Im not!”
“That was it?” “that’s all you said to her? And what was her response?”
She said YES YOU ARE again!”
” Re-An, do you think that a true friend would make you feel bad about how you look?”
No, (she hangs her head again)
“Look at me, you are going to have to learn early to let people go. What you should have said to her was that it’s not nice to say bad things about how I look if you call me a friend,I never do that to you because I care about you, I could point out things about you but I’m your friend and I want you to be happy not sad, but if you don’t feel the same about me, then we cannot be friends anymore.”
Can you say that love? Can you say that and put all the vocabulary words you’ve learned too?”
She looked up at me and jumped into my arms to hold me tight. “Yes mommy, I can do that”
Give me a kiss! She kissed and hugged me again..

You will find in this life that you ‘friends’ people you admire and respect are the FIRST ones to implant inferiority complexes within you. IT WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE YOU CARE FOR. You must be comfortable with being alone so that you can let people go that have have to get dropped. If you are needy, you will always be IN NEED, and you will put that need in front of logic and what has shown itself as poison to your life. Get rid of people who show you no value or respect. Your self pity will not reform ANYONE!!
“Your Life Coach” ~Salkis Re

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