Colorism and the Black Panther Movie

I’m going to see this Black Panther Movie for the third time this weekend.

I cannot tell you how emotionally impactful this movie has been to me.

The cinematography is perfect, the depiction of Opulence and beauty (BLACK BEAUTY) sent me nuts!!

So of course I had to suggest this movie to all my Dark skin

sisters because we finally have a visual representation we can FULLY support.

Of course some people actually fixed their ashy mouth’s to insinuate that

I was propagating a further divide of our race by suggesting that Dark skin women see the movie.


You really want to go there with me?

So below is my response this the naysayers ( Haters) Enjoy this post and share it with every Darkskin woman you know!!!



Black Panther Movie and Colorism”
Written by SALKIS RE

Black Panther Cast
Danai Gurira “The General” in Black   Panther

On another platform, some comments were made in regards to statements I made about Darkskin women in the Black Panther Movie. And I temper my tongue because I know how easy passion/anger can be displaced and unwarranted in matters like Colorism.
I ask you to watch the interviews of the actresses Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o in the movie to hear their statements concerning this matter.

When you go through your own mental files concerning imagery of darker hued women, what do you recall?

There is a typecast (if you are honest)and if she is not a slave,

addicted to drugs, raped, abusive, overweight, unintelligent, poor, the sidekick, a whore and a charity case,

you will not see her as a Memorable main character in motion pictures.

Now, what I said was that every Dark skin woman should go and see this because

we have a visual representation of what we always were but never depicted as to maintain the

class and cast systems around race AND skin tone.


This message was not mentioned to exclude others of us as we are all one family,

but it’s not MY JOB as the one excluded to say that,

and it’s really unnecessary fro me to have always include

caveats to make people feel better about their hidden hypocrisy.

You are say ones that give birth to babies, and before you check for all ten fingers and toes,

you check the babies ears to estimate how dark your baby will get,

HOPING in your heart that she/he doesn’t get “too dark”.


Do not play this game with ME…
Face yourself.. Deal with how you feel about you.

And alllllllllllllllllllllllll those not so politically correct emotions that you hide.
Don’t attempt to play fair for me.

I’m not a charity case in need of “what I want to hear” from anyone.
Face your demons because I dance with mine…
Enjoy your day…

“Artist/Medicine Woman’
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re



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Black Panther Character: “The General” Okay
Artist, Salkis Re




African American art
“Artist/Life Coach”
~Salkis Re

So Who Am I?

“Artist/ Life Coach”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
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Life After My 90 Day Fruit Only Detox

dark skin women
Me Now!

You have to take care of yourself. The biggest part of taking care of yourself is about being aware of what you need AND when you need to switch up the program. I recently completed a 90 fruit only detox, something happened to my mental while going through that detox. Yes I lost weight: a lot of weight. I started to get cut: abs were showing. My waistline started going in and I became soo tiny.


That was the highlight of that journey on a physical level. After a while though, I saw changes in my skin, it just felt thinner to me and I realized I was losing muscle AND fat!













vegan lifestyle
Me at 50th day Fruit Detox

So after I finished the detox and realized that I wasn’t fooling myself into thinking that I got some sort of enlightenment,  I had to come to the conclusion that I was actually hanging on to veganism waaaaay longer than it was productive for me to do so.

The fasting weakened me. At first, I felt great and it “seemed” like I was reversing time, then after a while it was the opposite.

Do Guess What I Doing Now???

I actually started eating meat again after over 10 years of veganism, sprouts and chic pea patties and stewed mushrooms and curry quinoa. I have done it all. Got certifications in raw food cuisine and wellness modalities.

So the question I had to ask myself was:”How do you feel?”

My answer was: “Could be better!”

Now the fact that I could not say fabulous was my “ah-ha” moment! And I came to the realization that I was simply holding onto to an “indentity” that has long since expired. Can veganism cure ailments, turn back the clock of aging, and bring spiritual enlightenment?  Yessssssssss.


The question for me was am I still looking to be a priest? Do I really want to be a priest or a warrior? And I decided I did not was to be a priest anymore…. smiles

Now I am embracing my need for vanity. Something I had shunned for sooooo many years thinking it was immoral to be motivated by beauty when it was really my low self esteem telling me that I could never be beautiful. So what I did was live a “why bother” life to support the moral conflicts within me.

Now my language includes terms like “gene expression” and “epigenetics” which have to do with altering how genes respond to environmental stimuli, activating the cells to work efficiently, eat and rest cycles, how I manage stress, exercise etc..

I’m in bed by no later than 10 PM and my last meal is a 6 pm. I deactivated my old Facebook page because it was driving me insane with people posting mindless filth. I did start a new page though and I’m selecting friends slowly and carefully and really not interested in anyone who is not a fan of my work.

I’m eating meat now after all these years and at first, the smells threw me for a loop. I’m not gonna lie! The smell of eggs and raw meat took a bit of adjustment but after the first week, I was surprisingly fine. My typical breakfast is a shot load of butter, eggs, and turkey bacon with a glass of lemon water and I’m good till about noon, then I’ll have some sardines and spinach or smoked oysters, then dinner could be grass fed beef or chicken wings.

It’s called the Ketogenic Diet that I’m currentlyexperimenting with. You have to make sure you are not overdoing it on the protein but other than that, it’s pretty easy to follow.

III will give you updates on how that’s going in a few weeks.

So yeah folks,this is my current journey for now. If you are interested in trying the fruit detox or need tips on how to lose weight, I can coach you through that. I have been coaching women in how to lose Weight  since 2008 and if the goal is veganism,  I can certainly help you get started on that journey.

To find out how to work with me, send me an email to:


OK ladies, see you soon