Being a Dumb Woman IS Profitable!

Transit Time 7:32 a.m. Well I’ve been up since 4 a.m. actually. Early rising helps bye think about the message I want to convey. So I thought about. And this post came to mind because of an exchange I had about relationships with a man on my facebook page Men LOVE to tell a woman […]

Push Through!

The weekend is almost here. Another week gone with tasks incomplete and more to hope to accomplish than anything actually done. It’s easy not to try, but its cost will steal currency throughout your entire life. Not trying means that nobody gets hurt, no one suffers disappoint or the shame that comes from failing, but […]

A Queen’s Way

    “A Queen’s Way” Written by Salkis Re When they tell you that you can’t, don’t believe it. You must stretch past their doubts so you can see it. And know that how people feel is not your fault, so don’t spend time worrying about what they have thought. You must learn that your […]