“Ugly Girls Need Discipline”

How you “show up” in this world is how you will allow people to treat you. I tell many of my sisters that displaying self pity is not way to win friends or foster good relationships but you are so used to expressing your self deprecation, that you have lost awareness that you are even […]

“Kept Women Can’t Be Nappy Heads”, Written by Salkis Re

Had a conversation with a sister about “nappy hair”. She’s been proudly rocking her natural hair for most of her adult life but of late had an epiphany about her direction towards financial independence. It required her to do a total 180 degree turn in her habit and her physical presentation so she straightened her […]

Light Skin Women Verses Dark Skin Women

Everywhere you turn, your emotions and insecurity is exploited for sensationalism and financial gain from “marketers” and “commentators” who are only concern with “click views”. I’m specifically talking about the “trend” to discuss topics concerning discrimination against dark skin women. I’m watching these “leaders/healers/activists” of these dark skin movements rant and rave to you. I […]

The First Time You Became a Whore!

Yes, You are a WHORE Too! Some of you will wrestle with your whordom. You will think that you are above reproach and that somehow your vaginal is more pristine than that of a woman who pedals her flesh. So I will tell you what you won’t accept but what is true nonetheless. You are […]