Dark Skin Women Get No Love From Dark Skin Men???

One of my viewers made a comment on my “Are Dark Skin Men The Enemy” I did that video because Sooooooo many dark skin women have sentiments of struggle and trauma around getting a dark skin man want her or keeping the relationship positive and respectful. She Stated: “I was told by a Light Skin […]

We Are Not Like Men, But We Can Be Guided By Them”

“We Are Not Like Men, But We Can Be Guided By Them” Transit time January 25, 2019 3:45 a.m. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 πŸ‘‰Men: Give Love / Women: React πŸ‘‰Men: Say What They Have Knowledge In/  Women: Say What you Want to hear. πŸ‘‰Men: Are Vulnerable Mentally / Women: Are vulnerable Physically πŸ‘‰Men: Are Impersonal / Women: Take […]

“The Pressure to Look Sexy!

“The Pressure to Look Sexy” Written by Salkis Re Listen, I’ve been accused of being undercover feminist lesbian when I get into my cautionary rants; the resistance usually comes from men who feel in threatening a reduction in their prospects/prey or women who believe they are more attractive than I am which makes my message […]

“Kept Women Can’t Be Nappy Heads”, Written by Salkis Re

Had a conversation with a sister about “nappy hair”. She’s been proudly rocking her natural hair for most of her adult life but of late had an epiphany about her direction towards financial independence. It required her to do a total 180 degree turn in her habit and her physical presentation so she straightened her […]


I am about do the most craziest thing I have ever done. This is the epic sale of all sales, never been done before but its going down right now. If you have ever wanted to start an art collection, if you’ve had your eye on a couple of pieces for some time, NOW is […]

“Black Men Are ALL Colorists!!!!”

“Black Men Are ALL Colorists!!!! Written by Salkis Re So word on the street is that NON black men love and appreciate black women more than our own black brothers do. The word on the street is that all black men are “colorists” and prefer light skin black women with straight hair and acquiline features. […]

“Realistic Thinking or Positive Thinking”

Written by Salkis Re It’s more beneficial to think realistically than it is to think positively. But to think realistically can offer up as much delusions as bright-side thinking too. Positive thinking feels good, but it does not contain a *sense of urgency and the FIRE of discomfort that is the πŸ‘‰blood supply of transformation. […]

Alone and Afraid?

Being yourself is going to hurt people. Its going to dispassion people against you. Why? Because they will not be able to control you, to manipulate you to do things that are not in line with your safety or life goals. The only reason you have friends or lovers is because they like the way […]

“Woman to Woman” Written by Salkis Re

Older women are seen as the bitter, jealous,expired enemies of younger women. This is done deliberately to keep us out of the “catacombs” where we can,exchange secrets and confer “degrees” amongst each other. There isn’t a “new” that you’ll experience heartbreak so nothing that any woman knows could ever be “antiquated”…. The narrative of competition […]

Work Without Pain

Smiling.. SO you ladies know about my You Tube channel; I hope….. And it’s so interesting to me when the guys muster up enough interest to comment on the content of my videos. And what’s even more interesting is the context of their statements are always the same. “Some dude must have really hurt you”, […]