Black Women Dating Sites

Some of you will be single and lonely forever.

You will be alone because you are not passionate

about anything but complaining that nobody wants you.

You as an “Ugly Girl” have resolved to a life of mediocrity and self pity,

and you’ve killed your dreams simply because you don’t look a certain way.

Dark skin women
Self Love Coach, Salkis Re

The Ugly Girls Club is a coalition of women who are

not cowering down because society has placed our looks in a negative category.

We are defining ourselves by how we look.

That game is a losing game for most women, and we have accepted it as such.

SO now that we’ve let that nightmare go, we’ve got all this room to learn

and grow and express how we feel about our lives and the things

we want to do or become to live our fullest lives.

Now as for these dating sites like OkCUPID, Plenty of Fish, E Harmony etc.. I want you to treat these sites like just another form of social media, because is what they are.

Don’t go thinking that you’ll win cool points for putting all your business on the street, for being transparent and term I think I hate most of all “OPEN MINDED”

You can’t vet a person effectively through a dating app or a profile.

And what you should do is just keep it light enough to spark interest and curiosity.

Yes you are going to get crazy nut jobs coming to you to solicit you for fun, and your success rate is shit on these sites.

You should assume that you’ll need to go thru 30 -50 contacts to get one that is decent enough to give a shot.

And Im going to add this as well, leave the booty pics, the cleavage pics and lease for God sake, close your mouth if you are not smiling.

You don’t want to send messages to these perverts that they can ask you for Netflix and Chill! OK!

Now back to the point of it all…..


And her goal is not too be anybody’s reject version of a Video Vixen.

She is not waiting for men to have mercy on her and that her as a charity case.

She walks with her head up and DOES EVERYTHING to nature her body,

mind and soul..

“The Ugly Girls Club” Coming Soon!
Would you like to join this coalition so you can learn

how to transform yourself and develop real self love?
Write to info@salkisRe .com

Dark skin women beautiful

It is time to step your game up!

NOT FOR MEN!! For yourself… If I could shake the degradation out of you, I would gladly do it. But this is something you have to feel inside of you. You have to be tired of being lied to, tired of being led to create frivolous personas based on pageantry and not any real substance.

Men are craving this actually. To be turned on in an untypical way.

Everything about you should be UNTYPICAL if you are an ugly girl!

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Should We Stop Wearing Weaves?

“Everybody Wants to Look Better Than They Actually Are”
January 24, 2019 8:04 a.m.

Women wear WIGS to be more attractive, and Men wear 👉WOMEN to be more attractive..

Your Self Esteem Coach, Salkis Re

Everbody trying to look better than they actually are out here..

Shaming You is a Subjugation Tactic

I’ll tell you why Shaming women is so effective, it’s effective because we WANT to subjugated, we WANT to comply, we WANT to help, we WANT fairness.

And because we are by nature inclined to comply, these campaigns to make us feel worthless and nonsensical work because women are NOT negotiators.

I have never met a man yet who felt “shame” about what he liked have , be or do!! But women are put on blast accused of being unreasonable, impractical, delusional and emotionally unstable at every turn.

This is because men know that more times than not, we want give in, we’d rather have fairness than GET WHAT WE WANT..

Please stop taking men seriously

How Sway?

Please stop taking men seriously. It’s all a game, chess moves if you will. The way to get you to become a team player is by “leading” you and to lead you he has to show you that he knows what’s best for you.

He has to establish that his goals should be yours (this is what get you to open your legs for him before it safe or profitable to do so).

This is also why “showing” that you are smarter than him or 👉aggressively noncompliant is makes you unattractive in general to men..

Have your convictions and your boundaries set in STONE..

Your “Self Esteem Coach”

~Salkis Re

What Self Esteem NEVER IS!!

“What They See is NOT What You Are!”
Transmitted on January 23, 2019 7:43 a.m.

Self esteem has NOTHING to do with how you look!

You planned your look in the bathroom,
You rehearsed in your head people’s reactions and responses to how you look .

You’ve spent money to create an image in hopes that you can effectively make people think a certain way about you.

Your presentation is about MARKETING NOT SELF ESTEEM.

Look around you.

I know you know plenty of women who look attractive AND YET they have low self esteem.

You scratch your head and remain confused and maybe even resentful that a woman with all that beauty still find a herself inadequate or depressed.

You’d kill for her body, her pretty teeth and long natural hair..

Because you just can’t understand why she feels that way while looking so freaking gorgeous.

Self image is the holy grail of all self help programs catering to Black women.

Change your hair and you’ll raise your self esteem.

Lose weight and you’ll increase your self esteem.

👉Date more men at the same time and you’ll feel less desperate so you can increase your self esteem.(Yes.. Who you date is about self image too)

Self image is NOT SELF Love!!!

Self image is an idea you create in your head, then you project outwardly for others to see so that they think a certain way about you…

👉👉👉Self image is all about who you want people to think you are, NOT what you think about about yourself!!

Your self esteem resides in the TOTAL acceptance what you NOT in how people see you…

“Your Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re

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