Soft Porn Everywhere!

“Soft Porn” Written by Salkis Re   Soft porn is everywhere, whispering to women subconsciously about how we should look and feel about ourselves and  women with their knees wide open, looking ready to insert things into their mouths, appearing to not have a care in the world because lustful men are sprawled helplessly around her, […]

“Why You Will Get Hurt Again”

Written by Salkis Re The truth of the matter is that most women will not change unless there is some enjoyment attached to the task. Women always need something new to look like or be. We don’t innovate, we only mimic and copy what we see other women do, partly because we are communal by […]

“The Pressure to Look Sexy!

“The Pressure to Look Sexy” Written by Salkis Re Listen, I’ve been accused of being undercover feminist lesbian when I get into my cautionary rants; the resistance usually comes from men who feel in threatening a reduction in their prospects/prey or women who believe they are more attractive than I am which makes my message […]

Alone and Afraid?

Being yourself is going to hurt people. Its going to dispassion people against you. Why? Because they will not be able to control you, to manipulate you to do things that are not in line with your safety or life goals. The only reason you have friends or lovers is because they like the way […]

Seeing Things In Black and White

  “No Fillers” Written by Salkis Re Nearing the completion of this piece. I’m so tempted to put some color on her, but I have to arrest my ego and let her simmer as she is… I’m taking the minimalist approach to things lately. Thinking more and more about how I really enjoy simplicity and […]

Are You A CHEAP Date?

      I had a session with a client yesterday and she was explaining to me how the conversation went on her pseudo date for the evening. She told me that it basically tuned into a **therapy session** for him to complain about all the money he was expected to spend in **his previous […]

“Black Men DO Not Want Black Women???”

Written by Salkis Re   Begging of any kind immediately puts you in a subordinate position. Stop harassing these black women that you “think” do not what to date you. It doesn’t make a difference and NEWS FLASH, you can’t SHAME men not changing their minds about where they want to insert their penises. It […]

Are You A PlaceHolder???

“Place Holders” Written by Salkis Re   You think you fucked the shit outta him, yet he left you. You think you are a dime piece, yet he left you. You think you are the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with, yet he left you. You think you are smarter than him, yet he […]

“What Relationships Really Are”

Written by Salkis Re The conclusion of relationships is this: you are going to be lied too. You ARE being lied too. And the man telling lies is doing it for his benefit. The man telling you to “build” with him is doing it for his benefit. The man pumping and dumping you without a […]

“You’re not a HOE, but you are a WHORE”

Written by Salkis Re What is a hoe? I’m sitting here at my computer desk this morning thinking of something inspiring to write and that question just popped up in my mind. I am haunted by my hot pursuit of and relentless contemplations around being a woman, a SATISFIED woman. So I am thinking about […]