The Best Way To GetWhat You Want!

Every woman should think of the “Bigger Picture”. Never make decisions based on the moment….. Always think of your future when you are trying to decide what to do. You will change. You will age. You will be less in demand sexually later than you are now. SO you must plan. Do what is best […]

The One Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Β  Β  Doing what you don’t want to do is usually the best thing that you should do.. This is how life goes. All the pleasurable things cause tummy aches, unnecessary loses, lies, betrayal and hardships… I have been talking about simplification for weeks now, and I guess this will be the theme for the […]

“Ugly Girls Need Discipline”

How you “show up” in this world is how you will allow people to treat you. I tell many of my sisters that displaying self pity is not way to win friends or foster good relationships but you are so used to expressing your self deprecation, that you have lost awareness that you are even […]

The Ugly Girls Club!!

The narrative that you have to look a certain to be classified as a woman is agreeing with people who profit from your violation of how NATURE MADE YOU. Stop cowering down and watering down your magic!!Rise black bird, RISE!! You can pretend that you mimic people for whatever reason makes you comfortable. Maybe you […]

We Are Not Like Men, But We Can Be Guided By Them”

“We Are Not Like Men, But We Can Be Guided By Them” Transit time January 25, 2019 3:45 a.m. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 πŸ‘‰Men: Give Love / Women: React πŸ‘‰Men: Say What They Have Knowledge In/  Women: Say What you Want to hear. πŸ‘‰Men: Are Vulnerable Mentally / Women: Are vulnerable Physically πŸ‘‰Men: Are Impersonal / Women: Take […]

Regrets For Not Pulling The Trigger

“Again”Written by Salkis Re When you realize that you could’ve done what you didn’t do.Then you come back around  to vow that you’ll follow through.Then you wait cause it’s not the perfect time,but then you wait so longthat again you change your mind.Then your mind reminds yourself of it again,but you still do nothing for fear you cannot win.And […]

“Assertiveness Training for So-Called Unattractive Women”

January 18, 2019 Let me tell you unattractive women and the rest of you unattractive women that pretend like you DON’T think you are Unattractive. It’s not about your looks you know..That’s not why you are mistreated and disregarded by men.  This has more to do with your “agreeableness” and proclivity to “comply” as a WOMAN […]

The Way to A Man’s Heart

“The Way To Win His Heart” Written by Salkis Re Men are not happy when you give them everything they want, they are happy when you make them work for what they get. Your “habit” is to keep him excited about having you, motivated to please you, and lucky to have you. Comfort does NOT inspire excitement; […]

Dating Outside Your Race Black Women?

I could join you picket line…but I won’t because part of the blame, well most of it was my doing, for I chose to give men who I knew were not interest in me a chance. I knew that the guys I LIKED didn’t really like me, but I hadn’t any concrete “evidence” to substantiate […]