You Are Leaving Him Because You Are Bored???

As I coach women lately, I’m finding that many of you are considering ending stable relationships because the man is “boring” and seems to be unable to stimulate you emotionally.   He pays the bills He pays the bills, you don’t have to wonder where food and shelter will come from. You get what ever […]

The One Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Doing what you don’t want to do is usually the best thing that you should do.. This is how life goes. All the pleasurable things cause tummy aches, unnecessary loses, lies, betrayal and hardships… I have been talking about simplification for weeks now, and I guess this will be the theme for the […]

To Know You Is To Control you!

“I Wanna Know You” Written by Salkis Re  I want to know if YOU MEAN what you say, if YOU ACT like you say, if YOU DO what you say… This is the goal of anyone who wants to get to know you. And they will find out, just as YOU WILL for them, that […]

Single Mothers Be AWARE!

you cannot afford to believe in any fairytales, or allow your positive thinking to make decision on your behalf when the majority of men you reveal your “situation” to will have pseudo psycho analyzed you as a woman with little to NO OPTIONS…

Dating Outside Your Race Black Women?

I could join you picket line…but I won’t because part of the blame, well most of it was my doing, for I chose to give men who I knew were not interest in me a chance. I knew that the guys I LIKED didn’t really like me, but I hadn’t any concrete “evidence” to substantiate […]

“Realistic Thinking or Positive Thinking”

Written by Salkis Re It’s more beneficial to think realistically than it is to think positively. But to think realistically can offer up as much delusions as bright-side thinking too. Positive thinking feels good, but it does not contain a *sense of urgency and the FIRE of discomfort that is the 👉blood supply of transformation. […]

“Woman to Woman” Written by Salkis Re

Older women are seen as the bitter, jealous,expired enemies of younger women. This is done deliberately to keep us out of the “catacombs” where we can,exchange secrets and confer “degrees” amongst each other. There isn’t a “new” that you’ll experience heartbreak so nothing that any woman knows could ever be “antiquated”…. The narrative of competition […]

God’s Child

“God’s Child” Written by Salkis Re Perfection is something none of us possess but we all criticize others for not being… And the more critical you are of others, the more it exposes of the secret hell you live in as you surround yourself with persistent, private condemnation. When you release your desires for perfectionism, […]

You’ve Got to Be Evil!

  I want to hammer that point home today. Why? Because you and many MANY others are under some impression that in this life, all you have to do is be good and your actions will be reciprocated by the other you are being selfless with. Nothing can be further form he truth. The truth […]

Are You A CHEAP Date?

      I had a session with a client yesterday and she was explaining to me how the conversation went on her pseudo date for the evening. She told me that it basically tuned into a **therapy session** for him to complain about all the money he was expected to spend in **his previous […]