The One Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Doing what you don’t want to do is usually the best thing that you should do.. This is how life goes. All the pleasurable things cause tummy aches, unnecessary loses, lies, betrayal and hardships… I have been talking about simplification for weeks now, and I guess this will be the theme for the […]

Dating Outside Your Race Black Women?

I could join you picket line…but I won’t because part of the blame, well most of it was my doing, for I chose to give men who I knew were not interest in me a chance. I knew that the guys I LIKED didn’t really like me, but I hadn’t any concrete “evidence” to substantiate […]

“Black Men Are ALL Colorists!!!!”

“Black Men Are ALL Colorists!!!! Written by Salkis Re So word on the street is that NON black men love and appreciate black women more than our own black brothers do. The word on the street is that all black men are “colorists” and prefer light skin black women with straight hair and acquiline features. […]

Seeing Things In Black and White

  “No Fillers” Written by Salkis Re Nearing the completion of this piece. I’m so tempted to put some color on her, but I have to arrest my ego and let her simmer as she is… I’m taking the minimalist approach to things lately. Thinking more and more about how I really enjoy simplicity and […]

You’ve Got to Be Evil!

  I want to hammer that point home today. Why? Because you and many MANY others are under some impression that in this life, all you have to do is be good and your actions will be reciprocated by the other you are being selfless with. Nothing can be further form he truth. The truth […]

Fight Elegantly!

Decisions based solely on emotion NEVER stick. You may be able to garner their pity and remorse for a little while, but eventually that person goes back to his/her old ways after their emotions have settled back down, This is why men feel sorry about about cheating when they get caught, and after the dust […]

Are You A PlaceHolder???

“Place Holders” Written by Salkis Re   You think you fucked the shit outta him, yet he left you. You think you are a dime piece, yet he left you. You think you are the most intelligent woman he’s ever been with, yet he left you. You think you are smarter than him, yet he […]

Men Want Women To Like Them!

Men are curious creatures ready to play. The problem is that they have no conscious about “playing” with YOUR life and your emotions. Given the opportunity they will test you, and the testing assists them in finding a way into your heart. That’s all courtship is really. Courtship is the process of making you feel […]

No Reason to Love a Woman Like You!!

“Emotional Decisions”   Decisions made by the heart alone NEVER stick. And this is why decisions made solely from an emotional place ALWAYS END. Sometimes quickly… Most times quickly actually. Him loving you doesn’t compel him to stay, does it? You loving him doesn’t mean you don’t want to leave, does it?   So why […]


If you act desperate, you will be used and abused: plain and simple. Why? Because desperation denotes powerlessness, and perception that you don’t have another option. I don’t give a shit if you are a live-in girlfriend or a long time wife, you can and had better maintain emotional control over your environment by decimating […]