The One Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Doing what you don’t want to do is usually the best thing that you should do.. This is how life goes. All the pleasurable things cause tummy aches, unnecessary loses, lies, betrayal and hardships… I have been talking about simplification for weeks now, and I guess this will be the theme for the […]


I am about do the most craziest thing I have ever done. This is the epic sale of all sales, never been done before but its going down right now. If you have ever wanted to start an art collection, if you’ve had your eye on a couple of pieces for some time, NOW is […]

“Heal the Mind, Heal the Body!”

Me and my boyfriend, (hehe) Sebi talked for hours about healing and he told me that healing was a psychological thing, and that most of us are angry and suppressed which is why we are sick. He said that we should strive to be “child-like” which is a ‘free thinking” way to be, but that […]

You’ve Got to Be Evil!

  I want to hammer that point home today. Why? Because you and many MANY others are under some impression that in this life, all you have to do is be good and your actions will be reciprocated by the other you are being selfless with. Nothing can be further form he truth. The truth […]

Men Want Women To Like Them!

Men are curious creatures ready to play. The problem is that they have no conscious about “playing” with YOUR life and your emotions. Given the opportunity they will test you, and the testing assists them in finding a way into your heart. That’s all courtship is really. Courtship is the process of making you feel […]


So here is the deal. If you are with a man, and he has fooked you at least 50 times, then he probably, in all likelihood, wishes he had the opportunity to fook a “new” woman!   It doesn’t matter how pretty your are or “think you are”, HE WILL WANT ANOTHER WOMAN. Why? Because […]

“What Relationships Really Are”

Written by Salkis Re The conclusion of relationships is this: you are going to be lied too. You ARE being lied too. And the man telling lies is doing it for his benefit. The man telling you to “build” with him is doing it for his benefit. The man pumping and dumping you without a […]


  “Be An Eagle” Written by Salkis Re Your identity is yours to create, especially if no one wants to claim you. That’s the fate of copper skin tones who are born on Northern soil. Maybe you are pretending not to know, but your mirror tell NO lies. Ask your blood to whisper its secrets […]

Love Really is A Game..

  Love Games Played on Broken Hearts” Written by Salkis Re A broken heart comes as merely a consequence of living. And it’s because we are “agreeable” as women, more understanding and forgiving, more accepting, and inclined to second, third, tenth chance givings that we inevitably feel the residue of regret for our understandings…   […]

You Can’t Think Like a Man!!

If we as women ask for this thing called **equality**, than the MEN who agree/give it to us still hold the power. And what they give us is conjectured power for which they can mitigate and temper as they see fit. Why do men have power? Why will they always be more powerful than women? […]