God’s Child

“God’s Child” Written by Salkis Re Perfection is something none of us possess but we all criticize others for not being… And the more critical you are of others, the more it exposes of the secret hell you live in as you surround yourself with persistent, private condemnation. When you release your desires for perfectionism, […]

Seeing Things In Black and White

  “No Fillers” Written by Salkis Re Nearing the completion of this piece. I’m so tempted to put some color on her, but I have to arrest my ego and let her simmer as she is… I’m taking the minimalist approach to things lately. Thinking more and more about how I really enjoy simplicity and […]


So here is the deal. If you are with a man, and he has fooked you at least 50 times, then he probably, in all likelihood, wishes he had the opportunity to fook a “new” woman!   It doesn’t matter how pretty your are or “think you are”, HE WILL WANT ANOTHER WOMAN. Why? Because […]

Casting Spells

“Calling The Spirits to Work For You.” Written by Salkis Re Every woman should practice magic. We are a too reliant on others to steer outcomes for you. Magic is simply focused energy and intent on a specific thing (or person) with the help of symbols to narrow your attention and words to evoke emotion. […]


  “Be An Eagle” Written by Salkis Re Your identity is yours to create, especially if no one wants to claim you. That’s the fate of copper skin tones who are born on Northern soil. Maybe you are pretending not to know, but your mirror tell NO lies. Ask your blood to whisper its secrets […]

Love Really is A Game..

  Love Games Played on Broken Hearts” Written by Salkis Re A broken heart comes as merely a consequence of living. And it’s because we are “agreeable” as women, more understanding and forgiving, more accepting, and inclined to second, third, tenth chance givings that we inevitably feel the residue of regret for our understandings…   […]


      “MGTOW Will Let the Devil Take Your Pussy” Written by Salkis Re Men are saying that they don’t need women in their lives and that women offer nothing. And men who think like this absolutely do not gain from being with a woman, AND a woman gains nothing being with you. That […]

You Will Pick The Wrong Man Again!

“You Will Pick The Wrong Person Again, So Rela Written by Salkis Re You pick partners not based on what you want, but what you are familiar with! You have your list of demands and characteristics that a man must have. And you are proud of this well thought out list because it represents a […]

The Other Side of Your Good Side…

  Love isn’t what you think it is… Young women, I implore you to consider what you’ve already been through in order to absorb what I’m about to say. I ask you to examine your past or even current relationship to find the congruency between your experience and my advice. The love you want is […]

They Said You’re Ugly, And They Are Right!!!!

They Are Right About how you look! When you are told over and over again that you are unattractive, I want you to consider that “they” might have just cause for saying it.   Now before you berate me or try simulate “outrage” to go along with your other displaced emotions, I would like for […]