Women Over 40 Hitting a Wall: MGTOW ANTICS

🌼🌼SHARE THIS/SHOTS FIRED!!!!🌼🌼 “Hitting The WALL at 40🤔???” Ok so apparently, these MGTOW men are learning terms to shame and devalue women. One in particular is “women over 40 hitting a wall”, and it means that she is “stuck” because her sexual market value is on the decline. Let me tell you ladies something, you […]

To Be Like Her Means You Kill Yourself!

“What Woman Are You?” Faith in yourself is built on a foundation of work not hope or prayer or wishing. You have a mind and you know what you “should be doing”, yet you wrestle with yourself. You allow other women to rate your your level of competence and relevance on a “fact sheet” derived […]

The Critics Love You!

    What people have the time to speak about is what they have concern for, and this includes you. Take criticism as inverted care, a destructive side of passion and admiration, and more often than not, self reflection. Nonetheless, you are charged with fluidity, to keep your heart moving and your soul occupied with […]