So You Wanna be a Sister Wife???

A viewer came to me expressing her desire to be a sister-wife..
Here’s what I shared with her:

I have not seen any long term success with it anyone really.

Not sure what it is but it seems like that relationship dynamic has a high

turnover rate and the lifespan is usually 2 years no more than 5 years if you are lucky. 

black women sister wives
With your Host, Self Esteem Coach, Salkis Re

The ones that have babies will be motivated to stick it out as longer

but not with heavy indoctrination from the husband.

He will tell you that you are “smarter” than other women for accepting

this way of life, that you are intelligent and pragmatic and in tune

with nature, that you lack selfishness and material greed like those other women out there (who get his d^&k hard)

and your title of Queen is repetitively used to stroke your ego and to assure you of your special place (that none of his other women have) in his life.

Inserts sarcasm right about now!

Self esteem Coach, Salkis Re

You want to know the truth?

Only Unattractive Women Fall for this!!

Most women that do this or get picked for this sort of relationship style are usually unattractive or insecure women.

Well not “or” because women you are one are usually the other too.

I don’t know what you don’t like about yourself.

Maybe it’s your age or your gap teeth, or the cellulite on your thighs thats got you settling for this rank and file lifestyle.

Maybe this is all you can really get in the grand scope of things

But what I want to know, all I want to know is if you are doing it because HE told you that this is what you are worth,

or because you have given yourself a brutally honest evaluation and this is what you feel will bring you peace and some semblance of joy…

The clock is ticking my dear..

No more time for bluffing yourself. What do YOU want?

Your Self esteem Coach, Salkis Re


Single Mothers Be AWARE!

“Single Mothers”
From the Desk of Salkis Re January 2, 2019

You Are a High Risk Investment

If you are a single mother, you are automatically classed as emotionally unstable, wounded, used up, and a financial trap!!
Now, those of you single mothers who do make “good” money may fair a (little) better as you will get men who want to commit, BUT you are getting offers because you can shoulder your own (weight/burden/financial risk) when you are offered a relationship.

Order in the court here!!!!

Our BLACK PILL compendium states that any man who is in your face and digging in your vagina as a single mother, isn’t there because he’s so “IN LOVE”, he is there because he’s counting YOUR money as a to subsidize his income..

“For All that I Do” Art by Salkis Re

Let me make something clear here for slow folks: Every person wants SOMETHING from a relationship, so this isn’t about accusing anyone of immorality because they have agendas for their self interests. This is about YOU understanding that as a SINGLE MOTHER the likelihood of you being taken advantage of both sexually and financially is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY HIGH.. 



So you cannot afford to believe in any fairytales, or allow your positive thinking to make decision on your behalf when the majority of men you reveal your “situation” to will have pseudo psycho analyzed you as a woman with little to NO OPTIONS and in desperate need of “quality time” with any man who seems to have tolerance for your children..
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“Your Spirit Healer”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re

New Year’s Eve Message

New Year’s Eve Message:

How to Transform

Written by Salkis Re
This is the last day of 2018.

Abstract portrait painting, African Art
“Amara” African Art by Salkis Re

You made it through…
2019 approaches and she a dinner plate placed in front of you with nothing on it, ready for you to fill it with delicious experiences, more confidence and self actualization than the year before.


But you will have to get over your need to be accepted though. You’ll have to learn to appreciate your alone time whether it’s experienced on purpose or by consequence.You will need to accept that you are not as perfect as you try so hard to make people believe. You may have to conclude that you are that smart or that your looks are just “mildly” attractive.

Disarm the Critic!

And the addition of the truth is not a downplay or self degradation because truthfully, you do that to yourself even with a cheering squad at your disposal..It’s about disarming the critic in your head once and for all..

What is your sweet spot,

your niche and where is that little corner called the “square” that your feet occupies for which no other feet can share? You cannot be everything, but its time to be DO what you actually can do. It’s time to pull off what fits YOU, not what’s trending. You jump around in emotional discord which you prefer to call *boredom, but *Boredom is just a kinder title for depression..

And you are depressed because you don’t like what you are.

SO we need to fix that.

Not with lies, but with the TRUTH for 2019..
Who Am I?

“Your Spirit Healer”~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis Re

Painting: “Amara”

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