Love Really is A Game..

  Love Games Played on Broken Hearts” Written by Salkis Re A broken heart comes as merely a consequence of living. And it’s because we are “agreeable” as women, more understanding and forgiving, more accepting, and inclined to second, third, tenth chance givings that we inevitably feel the residue of regret for our understandings…   […]

How to Not Give a F&*^k

  1)Do what you fear doing, and do it often. 2) Accept people’s right to their own opinion, so that you can formulate yours without guilt. 3) Understand that trying to be Perfect for Imperfect people is a hamster wheel with no destination. Get off the wheel. 4) You are ugly to somebody. You are […]

I Told The Doctor He’s Full of Shyte

“Relationship Talk With my Doctor Friend” So I have been in a back and forth with my new Doctor guy friend who watches my vids on you tube about relationships. He is in the mist if writing a self help to save black Relationships and he wanted my opinion on some of the points he’s […]

“You Are Good and BAD” Accept This!!!

    Do you know where virtue comes from? It comes from your ability to be a villain, to be evil, to be treacherous and conniving, to be a liar, to be a cut throat: YET you choose NOT TO BE. Virtue is has nothing to do with being “incapable” of being unfair, self absorbed, […]

You Will Pick The Wrong Man Again!

“You Will Pick The Wrong Person Again, So Rela Written by Salkis Re You pick partners not based on what you want, but what you are familiar with! You have your list of demands and characteristics that a man must have. And you are proud of this well thought out list because it represents a […]

To Look Good is to Feel Good?”

“To Look Good is to Feel Good?” If you look better, will you feel better? Is the solution to your depression , imagined or REAL inadequacies, poor hygiene, excessive eating, or lack of intellect going to resolved with lipstick and concealer? I had to look at the “reasons” behind the things I did to myself. […]

Getting Rid of Your Fear and Self Doubt!

“Breaking that Spell” Written by Salkis Re You wait for an invitation to the celebration of your own life. You are under a spell, a spell that makes you think you are not worthy, that you are nothing in this world. How do you break that spell? By using the gift of Thoth/Thought. To THINK […]

To Be Like Her Means You Kill Yourself!

“What Woman Are You?” Faith in yourself is built on a foundation of work not hope or prayer or wishing. You have a mind and you know what you “should be doing”, yet you wrestle with yourself. You allow other women to rate your your level of competence and relevance on a “fact sheet” derived […]

Nappy-Headed “Spiritual” Hoes

“Men Who Want Natural Sisters be like” A man who has no aspirations for “worldly” things has nothing to lose. And a man who has nothing to lose ALSO has no incentive to commit nor sacrifice for HIMSELF or YOU. Statistically they earn less, do not get married, have no formal education, and have fatherless […]

Spiritual Relationships are Bullshyte!

  “Spiritual Connection” Written by Salkis Re What is that “Connection” that you feel when you’re describing that new man you want to be with? Well this is the breakdown of the process by which that “connection” is created. The connection that you refer to as a “spiritual connection” is an emotional assessment of how […]