T.I Says That Black Women Are Happier Alone!

T.I on the Breakfast Club
T.I. Talking about Black Women Relationship Preferences

So T.I. stated in an interview that he was made aware that black women statically are happier single

and systematically date down to maintain control of relationships..


Ummm.. URGH!!!

Why Lord why?

Why is it that black women are pummeled with accepting LESS than women of other races enjoy??

Who did this study?

And how was happiness defined?

Slave Marriages


Why we think about this happiness jargon, lets talk about some of the reasons for the low marriage rates.


The National Institute of Health public a peer reviewed article part of this is about the unemployment rates


The National Institute of Health public a peer reviewed article pointing out some the theories for low marriage rates among black women and men.

Economics plays a major role according to the article

 Black men, scholars have noted a decline in well-paying jobs, and consequentially, a rise in unemployment and underemployment.

As the discrepancy between education and employment prospects for Black men and Black women increases, greater challenges in their formation and maintenance of intimate relationships could follow (; ; ).


Black Men Resent Black Women Because They Are Taking Jobs Away

So as the pay gap increases between black women and men, the family structure decreases as black men

view black women as competition for educational and employment opportunities.

This is fueling resentment among black men who feel that black women hinder their ability to climb economically and socially.

The icing on the cake is the presumption that black women generally do not respect black men.



Sex Ratio

In a nutshell: There aren’t enough eligible black men because the the rates of mortality, morbidity and incarcerations.


Gender Relations:

The roles of male and females became blended for survival purposes during slavery and have been past down from generation to generation. Black women developed coping skills to mitigate inequality by becoming financially and emotionally independent.


Now what caught my eye the most was this term: INTERPERSONAL TRUST

Interpersonal trust is defined as one’s expectation of the predictability and dependability of another’s actions, words, or written statements. This is a VITAL aspect of forming emotional bonds and an attribute, sadly, that back women lack.


Black women’s distrust is correlated to personal experience like infidelity, AND financial irresponsibility and these are the things that make black women weary of forming bonds of marriage with black men.

Black Love

Imagine having to deal with an adulterous Mudda Sucka who barely helps you make ends meet?

That is the ultimate disregard for your energy and sacrifice and willingness to work as a team inspire of his inability to meet you half way.

Of course women are saying HELL NAWL!


But it not because they are happy being single!!

It’s because the odds of being destitute and emotionally broken diminish by 99%

No black woman wants to be alone.

ALL black women I know, work because of necessity not because they are workaholics.

They are independent to feed their children because they cannot depend on black men to do it!



No other race says this about their women.

We stay reducing ourselves to bottom level suppositions about what we need to feel fulfilled.
No woman who is single (and doesn’t want to be single) is “Happy”.

She may be “stress-free” because of minimal responsibilities due to being single,

but that has nothing to do with happiness or even contentment.

So now the narrative is that black women prefer to be single???


That is an insult and yes: propaganda.
Because it means that we don’t require anything from the men we have sex with
And these so-called single women are still f()king somebody in these streets.

It’s a joke at our expense!..
I’m going to keep reminding you that what you see in society is “Theater” nothing more..

There’s nothing celebrities say that isn’t for the SOLE purpose of influencing the public.

Men benefit from women believing in anything that allows them to get pu$$y without sacrifice or effort.



What black women have to keep in mind, especially those of us who want marriage with black men’s to ditch the badge of honor over your need to do what you need to do to survive.

Don’t ever allow your sacrifice to be center of your value when it comes to black men.

The “Strong Black Woman” narrative is NOT helpful for women who are to be wives because

it brings with it an inability to be a “team player” and the nurturing component that keeps a relationship with a man production and satisfying.

💅🏾 is this a true statement??

💅🏾 is this a true statement?? Full #TI interview 👉🏾https://ihr.fm/2JuXrU7

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