Swirlers Are Attacking Me!!

Black Love Support Equals Mamisim

The debate over black men being now undesirable to black women continues.
I’m a promoter of “Black love”.
And because I am a supporter of black love, I have a new title compliments of other black women.

The new title is called “Mami”

I’m a stupid naga wench who capes for black men who couldn’t give two shytes about women who look like me, or do “other black we women say”.

The praise of black “Kangs” is my delusion and a product of my low self worth and lack of acceptance

for the stats that say black women will not be able to get a black man to want to marry her.

The Statistics State That I’m a Fool

The statistics don’t lie Salkis, but you are promoting false hope to black women because our men habitually turn their backs on us for non-black women.

Ok. I digress. You are right. We are the throwaways of black men.
Now where are the numbers for the options you propose?

How many white men or Asian men are lining up to married someone like my Niggardly-ass cause that’s what you calling me when you say that I’m a Mami!

Slave Marriages

You Pop Pills with Warning Labels But Run Your Life Based on Stats?

Stats run the show?


When you eat shyte with warning labels on them and work jobs that fuel your depression, stress and anxiety? There are stats for these too by the way.

So when did we become so forgetful about the fact that institutional racism exists? Aren’t you b loo among for why you have to straighten your hair to get employment?

Are we forgetting about financial racism, medical racism and social racism as well??

Black Women Aren’t The Only Stat Chasers

Are we going to forget that we have to navigate through classism which brings with it the necessity of desire to get what THEY have because they dictate what is quality verses what us not?!

Are you really going sit there and say that you never demean or berate and condemn other women BASED on how they look?

Only black men do this???
Let be real here.
We’ve got big problems with each other.

And if you are going to base the prediction of results on statistics, black men can support their arguments for not fooling with black women on those same reports you are going to for emotional comfort and reassurance.

little black girls

Losing our ability to care about each other.

We are in trouble.

Losing our ability to care about each other.

And the acquisition of black love is in order.

Someone said it wasn’t necessary to tact on the word Black to Black Love..

And my answer is why would I make it ambiguous? To appease who?

Transwomen can state their agenda and educate for awareness. Gays and lesbians can lobby to push their ideals on the public for social change.

And black women support every else’s agenda.

Black women will befriend gay men who brag about strategically dating men WITH wives and girlfriends.

You aren’t offended by that at all.

Black Love

Love is About Politics And Class

You will jump over tables if God forbid somebody gets the pronoun wrong for a Transwoman, when “she/he” is diminishing the need to differentiate between you as a natural woman to those who are female impersonators.

So you are understanding for people who do not give a shyte what you think.

That’s the take away here.

And the fact is that because I’m on the bottom of the social hierarchy, my opinions and my promotion of black love holds no validity.
Because black women want me to understand that nobody loves me, that nobody can love someone like me.

That’s what this push back is about. The politics of love and classism amongst the oppressed as if what affects black men has no bearing on our lives as black women, vice versa.

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