Is It Seduction or Something Else?

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I’ve been thinking about the whole relationship process and I have come to some conclusions about this society and the pass that is given to forced sexual encounters.

Many of us ladies think of rape in a scenerio that includes being pinned down and helplessly being assaulted but there is a form of rape that is quite common and experience by most of us in the dating scene. It’s called “seductive rape” in which you had no intent on sleeping with that man but he beguiled you into bed because it was his intent to have sex with you even before he left his house.

Have you ever been in that situation ladies? Wiping the sperm off and wondering to yourself: how did I get here? Men will argue that it’s a choice that woman made, but the fact is that if she did not want to and expressed that she did not and you persist by whatever means be it violence or a foot massage, then you committed a form of rape.

A woman who is ready shouldn’t need to be convinced or shamed into have sex with a man and I often say that if she doesn’t feel right about it then something is wrong with him or the situation that she may not be able to verbally express but she intuitively knows it’s not the right time for sex.

I have been there. Locked myself in the bathroom, staring in the mirror with a violated feeling. I reasoned away the incident as me just being so irresistible that he had to have me, but that was bullshit.

Now I would say that the best way to avoid an unwanted dick slipping into ur vaginal is to stay grounded and on neutral territory. By that I mean do not be so moved to respond to compliments or gifts or anything given to you by a man that doesn’t know you well enough for his accolades for you to be the truth.

In other words: Don’t Believe the Hype!

And neutral turf means keeping dates at public places and nowhere that he will be comfortable acting out of bounds with you.

I know you here men say this all the time to there boys: Man you did this or that and didn’t get no ass?? I would have gotten me some ass, fuck that shit!! The sense if entitlement they have because they were “nice” or bought you things is very real. And it’s a smoke screen for the real aim: Your Panties

And this message is for you “tuff girls” too. The best of us can be worn down in a moment of vulnerability so it’s best not to put yourself in a position to be tricked into feeling guilty, insensitive, prudish, or immature for holding out!

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