Reality T.V. HAS Made Us FAKE!

And There You Have IT!

No words are more true today than this.

Miles Davis was speaking of his relationship with Cicely Tyson and it was eye opening to hear him describe her as desperate and needy and basically irrational.

And to make the destination between American women and women from other parts of the world was also true telling.

A perfect man he was not.

Not by a long shot.

Miles Davis
Miles Davis

Extremely complicated. Adulterous. Egocentric. etc. etc.

But we are insecure. Fragile to a fault. Unsure of our value, our self worth too.

And this makes us extremely unattractive and useless in the grand scheme of things.

We must be emotionally steady.

We must stop living in a fantasy world of perfection and ever lasting love..

Quality relationships exist when we value ourselves and the person we are with.

It’s cyclical.

It’s a give and a take.

It’s a habitual demonstration of understanding, patience, ingenuity, passion, creativity, romance, spontaneity …..

Dark skin women
Miles Davis and Cicely Tyson

Love is work.

Just like all things acquired required work to get them and maintain them.

Love is not reality T.V.

It’s not happily ever after.

More challenges than happiness is what life is about, especially when you have ambitions to be more than average.


You have to accept the idiosyncrasies that are normally attached to more than average people.

I think of Nina Simon and Lauryn Hill for instance.

Dark Skin Women
Lauryen Hill

Very multidimensional women.

Hard to love or should I say hard to contain…

Loving someone requires respect.

And it requires space.

The space to be who they are while being with you.

And this is a HARD thing for most women to do..

But it creates easy living when you get the hang of it..

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