Orgasms Cannot Heal Your Heart!!

“Orgasms Offer No Healing”
Written by Salkis Re

An orgasm may keep your vagina
from falling on the floor,
but it can’t stop your heart from breaking.
And it may bring you pleasure,
and gifts you can display
but you remain unsure of the love he’s making.

Media tells you women
that you just need more lovers
and you’ll start to feel more fulfilled.
So you begin swapping spit
as you put your mouth around another prick,
but your tears
take up the room where your heart is no more.

Stop believing in fantasies
made to serve the weak minded,
and adopt new ones of your own.
The ones who create illusion,
don’t feel remorse for your confusion
So you Dorothy
will have to guide your soul back home…

“Mistress of Words”
“Life COACH”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re

abstract portrait painting
“Love You Anyway”
Art by Salkis Re


Painting: “Love You Anyway”

So I wrote this poem today because I’m slightly perturbed at all the nonsense floating around about the magic of sex.

I’ve seen sex destroy people emotionally and financially. I’ve coached women suffering mentally because they’ve contracted a sexually transmitted disease from men they thought cared about them.

Sex is the greatest gift and curse in this world if its not thought through thoroughly.

No Indian Giving.

No Backsies.

No I didn’t mean it.

Once you do it, its done forever and ever Amen..

I read a blog report recently that state that you get a depressed vagina if you don’t have sex.

Thin Walls And Lurching Vaginas

It said that your vaginal walls thin and atrophy if you don’t put a d#;;k in there on the regular.

They are making up new pathologies to promote gluttony and emotional dependency on sex.

What makes you shrivel up are lies and deception of lovers, not the infrequency of friction in your birth canal!

The constant degradation and manipulation against your person, is what will atrophy your vagina and cause depression within your mind.

This is emotional warfare we are talking about here.

This is about disciplining yourself so that every choice you make is the best and healthiest choice to make.

What heals you is a sound mind.

The witch doctors and herbalists know that no potion or chant will reverse your infection unless your mind is in its correct thought pattern to heal itself.

Sex healing you is like having a donut as a healthy breakfast option. It may taste good, so the perception is that it IS good; until your bloodwork comes back from your doctor to denounce those tall tales…

Healing yourself requires one thing and one thing alone:YOU!

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