New Year’s Eve Message!


Dark skin girl and white doll
Dark skin girl and self love


Straight Hair and Light Skin Was What I Wanted!

When I was a little girl, I played with dolls that didn’t look like me.
I wanted what I saw on T.V..
I wanted what “pretty girls” got to play with.
I wanted that hair that was long and golden like the sun.
I wanted that fair skin that looked “Clean” all the time.

I thought that white people were cleaner that black people because their skin was light.

I thought that God loved them more because those girls could comb and brush their hair without it hurting.

And then…
I grew up….


I Thought White people Didn’t Doo-Doo!

Beautiful Black women
I left behind the silly presumptions that I thought as a little girl,

like thinking white people didn’t doo-doo in the toilet and that they all were rich…


But the notions of this thing called beauty stayed with me..
Thinking that anything lighter than I was better, favored by God, and I held this in my head for years and years.

Darkskin girls in art
“To Be Brown” Original Art available at

I realized how MAGIC and ILLUSION worked.

And it wasn’t until I started studying the stones turned by the DEVIL that I realized how MAGIC and ILLUSION worked.
And so today, I’m here as a guide for you.
Initiated by LIFE and it’s lessons to help my sisters understand “tricknology” and the power that illusion has had over your mind.

You think you are less than other women because the men AND

women who abuse you benefit from power that YOUR low level thinking affords them.

But you don’t start becoming “Worthless” until YOUR mentality supports THEIR narratives of your worth.
And your mentality is EVERYTHING you do and think.


What eat.
What you wear.
How you have sex.
The Hair Strengthening.
The Heels that hurt your feet.
The Clothes that don’t fit properly.
The Food that makes you sick.
The Alcohol that slows down your brain.
The Sex that makes you feel ashamed.
The Fear masked behind your laziness.


Give Yourself Permission to Live The Best Life!


ALL these things are induced by your need to be other

than who and what you truly are.

I need for you to get up BLACK GIRL.
Get Up and dust your knees off.
Get up and stop worrying about what you can

never be and ACCEPT the gift called YOUR LIFE.



Dark Skin Women

“The Ugly Girl’s Ambassador”
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
Painting: “To Be Brown”

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