New New New Art Piece!!

big eyes in art
Art Sketch by Salkis Re


This painting is giving me life right now.

I can’t help it when it comes to big eyes; it just draws my heart in.

This new art piece is about heart break and recovery. The rabbit is symbolic of Real Love and Marabelle is finding comfort in her stuffed animal because it keeps one predictable emotion which is love.

Stage 2 First of the Paint Layers 

First layers of paint is the most exciting, things start to breathe and come together and this is when I start to get a clearer direction of the mood and theme of the art piece.


Big Eyes in Art
Art in progress by Salkis Re

I love retro patterns and cannot resist putting retro themes into my art pieces. It takes me back to my childhood in Brooklyn, Ravoli in the can, Red Hots, Hop Scotch and Jack’s, all things 1970’s lol..


Completed Piece “Feel Me” by Salkis Re

And this is the completed art piece!! The tones sea green and muted green is what gives this piece a back in the days feel along with the bold patterns.

The passion in her eyes and the emotion conveyed with how she tenderly clutches her toy, is very obvious in this one. She is just dreamy.

If you have eclectic style and a deep appreciation for the color green, then have a look here to see if she is can be yours.


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